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Need A Shoulder Press Alternative


I'm trying to figure out what would be a better alternative to Millatry press. I just recently moved & I used to do push press. The basement ceiling in my new house is to low & the land lord won't let me roll my weights outside. I've tried sitting but the form is to strict & un-natural for me.I get a tight compression on my lower back & neck.

I've been doing weighted Dive Bomber push ups as an alternative so far. But now the weights are light & I want to stay within a low rep range(3-8 reps). I'm also probably going to invest in a new vest soon. I'm thinking of replacing shoulder press with Hang cleans sandbag & o-bar.

If anyone else can offer some suggestions I'm all ears.

Thank you.


Handstand push-up, better if done wearing a weighted belt.


Join a gym?


I'll definitively consider handstand. Lol @ gym, I have ~600lbs of rubberized Olympic weights & lightly matted concrete flooring. No way I'm spending money on a gym membership lol.


dumbell presses


lol what good is 600 pounds of weights if you even figure out how to switch out shoulder exercises? lol


You can put your hands on plates to increase ROM (just leave enough place for your head :slight_smile:


Forget the basement, rack that bar somehwere upstairs ..


Could try a kneeling version (serious suggestion).


That really looks hardcore! (serious statement)


It sounds like you may be using too much weight. You're not going to be able to press as much seated as you can push press. Also try wider and closer grips to see which feels more natural.


If you've got a power rack with adjustable pins you could try Savickas presses. I've tried them once or twice and they were humbling. No need for them personally at the minute but I'll add them in at some stage. Its basically the overhead equivalent of a floor press - set the bar on the pins at clavicle height, sit on your ass with your legs straight out in front of you, then press.


bradford presses


sots press.


So I can do 2 different exercises(Deadlift + bench) & save myself time. Forgot to mention that I have 2 bars. Thanks for the suggestions guys, bradford press seems interesting. I'll deffinitly try those!