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Need a Routine!

Hey all, i need a routine for my work outs, at the moment i go mon/wed/fri for about 4 hours a piece (its only time i really get to go gym so i work hard and long).
I also have a 8kg dumbbell in my room and a barbell with upto 25kg, i often do about 3 sets of 10 with each before bed and when i wake up and sometimes do press-ups aiming to fail.

My ideal body would be something like Bruce Lee’s.
I realise he did extreme Ab work outs which would take me months to be able to do but anything to help me get started would be appreciated. But that doesn’t mean i want just abs, i want Proportion and not to have big biceps but small shoulder and chest.

Here are some of my stats i can remember from Friday (not all of my stats)

Slim Build

Bench Press: 40kg
Inclined Bench Press: 25kg
Dumbell Curl: 22kg
Barbell Curl: 25kg
Tricep Curl: 8/10kg
Dumbell Shoulder Presses: 14kg
Front Raises: 8kg
Flys: 8/10kg
Sprint Speed 20kmh (30-60s) (interval training for about 10/15mins)
Run speed 16kmh (10-15min)
Deadlift: N/A
Squats: N/A
Leg Press: 120kg (ish)
Calf Raises: 40kg
Abductor: 65kg
Adductor: 70kg
Shoulder Shrugs (dumbbells): 20kg
Press Ups- 30 reps per set

I take whey protein, am thinking about creatine bout at the moment not sure as i’ve heard bad from some sources good from the rest, not sure who to believe really.
I was told that if i keep doing what i do i will be imbalenced and could seriously harm myself, not sure what to do as i wasnt given any advice after that really…

any help would be appreicated, thank you

ur pretty slim for a tall guy… i would suggest eating more calories and putting healthy/good weight on.
also look up Jim Wendler’s 5/3/1 program and follow that workout, its a great article and doesnt force you to be in the gym for 4 hours a day (thats to much). keep it simple with compound body movements. good luck

Thing is, i enjoy the 4 hours, i go in mornings after breakfast then by time im done its about lunch time, then i can go home rest then by evening i can do some extra sets in my room.

i’ll check out the program now, cheers

4 hours is counterproductive.
There is plenty of research to prove this.
So you have a choice- to enjoy lifting the weights, or enjoy getting stronger.

Bruce Lee’s body had alot to do with genetics. And also keeping a very low BF.
And @ over 6 foot would be a hard look for you to achieve, IMO.

Creatine is good, it will help with mass, also strength to some degree.
Of course, eating good, whole food is much more important.
Fish-oil can be a very good supplement too.

Check out wendlers,
If you don’t like it take a look at Starting strength, stronglifts (these are very similar)
or ws4sb’s has been very popular lately.

Good luck!

I agree with the 5/3/1 program, you don’t need to be in the gym all hours of the day. Good Luck!

Don’t do 5/3/1, do Starting Strength even Jim himself has said that people just starting out should do SS over 5/3/1

i’m not just starting out i’ve been doing gym for a while now so i am fairly fit but i just need a routine to stick to. i’ll check out 5/3/1 tho. cheers

Start of with 3 ‘splits’ a week work on compound movements with some isolation just to get you going.
Once you get strong at your compound movements start looking at throwing in more isolation work.
Eg mon:bench 4x12
dips 4x12
skull crushers 4x12
front raises 4x12
eg wed :squat
front squat
stif leg deadlift
eg fri :Wide grip pull up
bent over row
lat raises
Somthing simple thats how most start-
Just until you get the movement and learn how things work then start working on training to failure you will need to up your calories to put on size.
Add ‘flags’ as your ab work ,look it up start of with just your bum hanging of the bench then progress with more of the body hanging off,once you plateau on this exercise take a week off it and go back to it;it a good way to get killer abs and the pump lasts for a couple of days.
Maybe look up ‘strength training anatomy’ on google library as it has good descriptions of exercises (good if you just starting and looking to put a routine together.
Remember as metioned earlier anything over an hour is counter productive.