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Need a Routine With Velocity Diet

Ok, I just ordered all my stuff, so just waiting for it be delivered and Im set.

I just came off a 3month heavy weight traiining routine, ive put on some muscle, but with eight meals a day I also put on some fat.

Im told you should always take a month of every 3 months or so to recover then restart. I thought a 3 day a week cardio program with the velocity dieet could keep me in shape without loossing to much muscle and shred the fat.

Would it be recommened to do any weight training or just 1month pure cardio.

thank you

Good LORD a MONTH OFF??? and Only Cardio and you want to hold on to Muscle mass?? I dont know what misguided person told you to take a month off but you NEED to lift to keep that muscle. Even more so furing th V-Diet you wiould lose a TON if not lifting.

Sure a week off every few months if you need it but Damn.

I say do as Chris did in making the diet and do 3 total body sessions. Do a search there are a ton on here by the Authors. CW’s TBT or Staleys Compound EDT come to mind.

Hope that Helps,

Dude, you are supposed to take about a month off of gaining/cutting, NOT a month off of lifting. Basically, put off the V-diet for at least a month, let your body get used to its new weight. Then slowly begin to diet, don’t just jump right into something like the v-diet!

When you diet (especially severely) the body will get rid of muscle… so you lift heavy during that time (though probably with reduced volume) so that it gets the idea it should keep those muscles.