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Need a Routine to Gain Size


Okay, I'm new here but I have been working out for over a year, I've been doing an upper/lower split, but it seems my upper isn't getting anywhere, and with my abs, I don't feel satisfied at ALL!!!.

So is there any suggestions as to a nice routine that can help me gain some size and muscle mass.. and stay real cut.
I've looked through some of the threads, but couldn't find a routine I liked, just some helpful hits.

I am 18
(don't know my bf%)

I would want to get to maybe 160... I'm not looking to get HUGE HUGE.
Any help is appreciated, Thanks (in advance)


Good luck with that.


I agree - if you want to get big you're going to most likely add some fat with the muscle.

Also, at 140lbs, unless you're 4', I wouldn't be too worried about being cut. Food is your friend. You want to add mass you got to eat, train often and rest. In that respect almost every single training method on this site will work.


If you want to add mass then forget about your abs for a while.


You can try my routine that added 20 pounds in a about 6 months time while my waist size stayed the same. I have been doing a full body routine consists of 3 work sets of 5 reps each, doing this three times in two weeks in this order:

(1)ATF Squat
(3)Dumbbell Bench
(6)Machine Lateral Raises
(7)Dumbbell Row
(8)Preacher Curl
(9)Machine Crunch

This workout should take 45-75 minutes to complete and you will be fryed beyond beleif. Immediately after this I drink a protein shake which consists of 600 calories of which 53 grams is a whey/milk/casein protein blend and 100 grams of dextrose carbs and 10 grams of creatine.

You will also need to eat a lot of food every 2-3 hours. Make sure to eat a healthy meal before bedtime to that consists of casein protein. I eat 500 calories before bedtime whcih consists of three servings of cottage cheese, 1 tablespoon of olive oil and 12 fish oil capsules.

Good Luck


Go to the left of your screen and click on the read "articles" button then go to "training"

100's of great articles and programs for you to learn from and/or use.

Also it is evident what a big part of your problem is- You have conflicting goals. You want to add mass and get better ab's... forget about that add the mass now and after a long while you can think about the ab's.


Youre an idiot.

To the original poster. Search for any one of chad waterburys programs, they're very good when it comes to adding mass. Then, search "massive eating by JB" which is also very good when it comes to adding mass.


I agree. CT also has some great mass building workouts.


What a useful post. You are an idiot.

To OP, dude, you're 140. Here's your program.

LIft heavy shit.
Eat again.

Repeat. Do either a full body like was suggested or keep your upper lower split, 4 days a week. Just make sure you're doing compounds and not junk lifts.


this line of thinking is setting yourself up for failure...

gaining muscle mass and staying real cut don't go hand-in-hand...

a more realistic approach is to gain muscle (and a little fat) first and then to diet down while maintaining as much muscle as possible...

here's some reading:

good luck!



There many routines as many have directed you to in this thread and Chad Waterburys routines are excellent; however, no one routine is good for everyone and you can and should read about the various routines and then make an educated decision. I just wanted to make you aware of the current routine that I have been doing since it seemed to fit in with your goals of gaining mass while keeping the waistline in check.

I started out the routine at 220 pounds,6'3", 36 inch jeans and 35 years old. Twenty pounds later my waistline has not grown a millimeter but some of my lifts have grown.

In this six month "idiot" routine that I have been doing, weighted dips have gone from bodyweight(220)+ 45lbs to bodyweight(240) + 90lbs; full squats from 185lbs to 250lbs, dumbbell bench from 60lbs per arm to 115lbs per arm and deadlift from 225lbs to 350lbs.

But according to some this is a useless "idiot" routine. If you want to be an "idiot" though give it a try.

Good Luck with your goals.


Read up.
Dont be worried about getting "HUGE HUGE", because honestly its alot harder than you think for most people.
Realize its not just about lifting, its also about proper nutrition and sleep as well.
Oh, and that program the guy gave you was complete shit. I think Waterbury has some good start programs. Maybe even look into westside methods after you do a few starter programs.


I love the maturity level(17 years old) and amount of training experience(1 year) that you bring to this topic. Your stats are pretty impressive to at 150-155lbs and 5'8.

Why don't you share with us your routine that seems to have been working so well? Or how about some photos?