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Need a routine recommendation

I’m having trouble choosing between a bunch of routines that look pretty appealing. A few people on these forums mentioned Renegade (push/pull) as a very good one, and I’ve also seen that Mike Mahler seemed to like Iron Manual. I’m not interested in losing weight, 15 y/o male, skinny, hoping it will be a routine that’s fairly difficult. I have about a year of weight lifting experience. Baseball season is coming up, so preferrably something that gets work in the legs, core, back, and to some extent arms.

If anyone could help me out here, that would be great.

Just do Waterbury’s ABBH and something like Massive Eating( you can find both easily on the site) and if you put int the work you’ll be very happy

I really like “Project Growth Surge” with the Massive Eating diet. It lays all the ground work prior to the work out and has a really good recovery/maintenance phase.

big boy basics. simple and effective.

Nobody congratulated him. He’s 15 and has his priorities straight: “legs, core, back, and to some extent arms.”

Eh, jonroe cuz we spent a whole thread instilling these ideas into him.


Hell, @ 15 this guy is ahead of 80% of the athelets on campus here. I had to wait 30 min to use the a squat rack tonight because the entire baseball team was doing CURLS in the SQUAT RACK! Something like this wouldnt surprise me at the gyms back home, but it was pretty sad to see the same pretty boy exercises being used by college athletes! Needless to say I got more then a few strange looks when I actually did a full atg squat in the squat rack.

Charlie, GFH (my new favorite saying)

In baseball, the arms are just a lever. Power comes from the hips and trunk. All I need is smaller elbow/joint strengthening exercises to make sure nothing really awful happens. I was soundly reminded of the principles of weightlifting in my other topic, but I wasn’t totally stupid before. I was aware that legs are important, and that squats build arm muscle, believe it or not. I made the mistake of telling someone that though… I got the “what, are you stupid?” looks. These are the people that curl in the squat rack though, so what’re you gonna do…