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Need a Restart Plan

My natural testosterone level was 220 out of 900 and i was put on TRT, (Test, anastrozole and HCG)

I used to inject testosterone EOD, my T level was extremely high even with very very little dosages. the testosterone i was on was cypionate.

Estrogen was well managed during the TRT period, HCG i used to inject twice per week, 500.

I have been on TRT for roughly 7 months and Unfortunately i did not noticed any difference at all. except my muscle got hardened. no muscle built, no energy change, no ED improvement, no mood improvement. no fat burning, nothing.

Used to do blood test for EVERYTHING each 2 months and all was 100% normal.

So i have decided to stop it about 5 weeks ago.

I started a HCG protocol at 250 EOD immediately after stopping this protocol.

I do not notice any difference in energy level or anything so far, the muscles are still rock hard. fat level is same as before TRT. Recently i had some depression feelings, which i think its test withdrawal symptoms. been feeling better the past 2 weeks in term of depression tho.

Now i am finishing my HCG and i do not have more (i moved to europe and they don’t provide it here).

All i have now is tons of anastrozole and CLOMID pills. these are the only two pills i can use for my recovery.

I need some advice here to continue my RESTART protocol. and get my testes back in business.


Wait about a month, get a blood test. Total test, free test, E2, FSH and LH.

You may have more than one problem than just low T, what about thyroid?

Labs needed for thyroid testing, TSH, Free T3, Reverse T3 and antibodies.

Anastrozole can zap your energy and cause mood problems.

I was in a similar situation as you. I would do things differently if I could, I think.

I would go lower for longer of both serms. And I would test along the way.
This is off the top of my head, so do more of your own research.


Clomid: 25 mg for 2 weeks, then 10 mg for 2 months.
Nolva: 20 mg for 1 month, then 10 mg for 2 months, 5 mg for 1 month.

Something like that that needs minimal ai use. Nolva longer than Clomid.
Testing along the way would be nice to know what the serms are doing to lh/fsh. Want them high but not sky high.
Then wait a month and test. Test everything else too like has been mentioned by the others.

I did do thyroid panel test was the kind that includes everything. All was normal. Before and on trt. I even did cortisol test and was normal.

++Anastrozole can zap your energy and cause mood problems.

Yes it does cause mood issues in my case…

Did you do 25mg ed or eod?