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Need a Reboot in My Training...



So the championship is over, and now i want to concentrate in in my next competitions, comming in the next months.

For those who don't remember my first concern is judo.

Ok here it goes:

When i First posted here i wanted to lose some bodyfat, and get stronger, And i got a nice advice from Xen, telling me to grow a little, using WS4SB, Some good results i think:









DL: 125kg

Squat: 85kg

BP: 60kg

Chins: 4 w/ BW


DL: 165kg

Squat: 125kg

BP (PL style) : 92.5kg (2 days after the tournament i barely lifted 80kg, wtf? )

Chins: 11 w/bw 1RM: BW(76kg)+22kg

So i want to do a rboot on my training, i want to order everything in order to start making progress again, (Since i have stalled in the fukin' BP and in the front squat, and i wanted to try something new, just for the fun of it and to stay motivated), i was thinking on going 5x5, the thib's beast training (this one catched my atention) or other efective kind of training. Also i wanted you guys to tell me how would be the best way to put the GPP in my training.

BTW my current training goes like this (is a tweaked west side protocoll)

tue-ME upper body.
thu-ME lower body
Sat-DE full body (First exercise is a Oly lift variation, and the rest is pretty much a combination of the auxiliary exercises of the MEUB and MELB days)

ANd my diet... I just got sooo fukin' tired of countin' the fukin' calories, and i gave up in a intuitive carb cycling, but while controlling my BW (try to no go above 76kg)

My scheudle goes like this:

Sat-DE Full body

Any ideas or recomendations on this matters?

Thanks for your help, Here is a gift, me doing an armbar in the last tournament:


PD: also excuse my english, and if anyone here calls me a troll i will find you and eat his first son, then i'm killin' the guy :slight_smile:




Well, you looked like you let your hair grow and you found some better shadows. You don't look a whole lot bigger. No more pics, bro.

But as far as your lifts, if they went up consistently (which they look like they did), then you're doing pretty well for yourself. And that armbar was good- looking good man.

If you got time, and you're looking to raise your maxes (ESPECIALLY if you've stalled), give Dan John's One Lift a Day a shot. One of the best programs around for breaking plateaus, in my opinion. Might be able to add some strength before your next competition. It's also composed of short lifting sessions, so you could definitely work in GPP around the program.


you have really funny stats. Do you really weight 76 kg and you can bench press 60 kg ? Maybe some pushups can help breaking your plateau...

... forget what i wrote, did not get your after stats... nice progression


One lift a day look fine. But i was reading in the "how to train" topic, that MMA (and i think most of the combat sports) are "power-endurance" sports. In that case I would also like to add some Strength/power endurance in my workout scheudle. I don`t know that the power/strength endurance work would fit better in my conditioning workouts, instead of the ME days?

Also, another thing to say is that i'm still in season, and hitting the gym 3xweek don't seem to be a problem. Actually i like it.

Oh, and i would like to know which kind of conditioning would best? and how many sessions per week?

And, anyway, what do you guys think about the CT's 12 week beast building? should i give it a try anyway, to try something different?

You know, i was thinking on doing beast building for the 12 weeks, and then going 5x5 for another 12 weeks, then going for westside again.

And my diet scheudle, i'm going high carb in my lifting days and low in my non lifting days, everything is intuitive. I have the Grapplers guide to sport nutrition of JB, should i try the menu that is shown there (i'm not a big fan of carbs, and the menu there is suposed to be mod-high carb in order to enchance my performance)

Thanks for the feedback ;D soon a new armbar :slight_smile:


You need to calm the fuck down son. You're getting way, way ahead of yourself. Are you training to get better in judo, or are you training to get bigger? You can't do everything at once- you need to pick one aspect to focus on and go from there.

If you're looking for strength/endurance work, I suggest looking at Alwyn Cosgrove's website where he details complexes. They are great for this, and also conditioning. You can probably throw them on the end of your regular workout, but be forewarned- they're exhausting.


word , Irish what is with these kids..

I played Judo for a long time, keru obi, the whole bit.

WSFSB is probably all you need, I would even say you could squat, clean ,row and push press twice a week
and call it a day.

Beast building is really body building- not really what you need.

complexes will kick your ass, and really help with grip strength -
grip is a good indicator of how tire you are and complexes will fix that.



I'm pretty sure that the elite judokas are not just Squatin, cleanin, rowin and push pressin.

I'm sorry for asking so much questions, but you know, i have big dreams and i try to do everything that's at my reach in order to acomplish those dreams...

Anyway i just wanted what's on the thread's title. a Reboot.


Sweet armbar.

Have you heard of Rhadi Ferguson?


Bench pressing will not help your Judo mate.


I can garuantee that there are Judo players, at the "elite" level who are doing just that for strength training- plenty of other stuff for conditining-
but that is pretty much it for "strength"

I can tell you most of the people who go to the OTC or the NYAC here do its not much more.



That is an understatement...."The Bear" Complex has been kicking my ass the past couple of weeks...shit is no joke...especially in this mildTX weather.


OK guys so i have decided the following:

Get a little leaner (since i'm a little overweight from my weight class), by using the JB's grapplers guide to sports nutrition guidelines, and then continue on the carb cycle diet.

I want to do a 5x5 pull/push/legs but i don't know any designed program with that protocol, i mean, i don't know which exercises to use and if i have to use the 5x5 in every exercise or use a little variation.

And the scheudle goes like this:

mon: AM: endurance complexes PM: judo

tue: AM: pull PM: grappling

wes: AM: Endurance complexes PM: judo

thu: AM: legs PM: grappling

fri: AM: HIIT PM: judo

sat: AM: push PM: grappling

sun: off


If you can handle that, than give it a shot.

It seems like a RIDICULOUS amount of work though.


(the below mentioned movement is old man in woods training)

Find a tree with a sturdy branch, has to be at least 10 feet or so up and throw a rope over it, attach a heavy enough weight to the rope and just practice the throws. I really don't know the effectiveness of it, but I remember when I was a kid my grandfather used to tell me stories of how the old guys taught in Japan.

Also, try to free Saturday up. If your doing 2 adays 5 days out of the week you need 2 days to heal, prime example; I was training for my first GQ and had to drop it because I was doing 2 a days six days week and on Friday my triceps, pectoral minor, and deltoids decided to break on me, its was only partially torn, but I couldn't move my left side at anything above 35% of my max strength for 5 weeks, and I couldn't roll to save my life. Try to combine your HIT,Endurance,and Weight training together, like in between sets skip rope or do burpee's/jump squats depending on what your working.


Ok, so i'm giving that scheudle a shoot for now. But can anyone post the link to the 5x5 pull/push/legs program?