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Need a Real Gym in Orlando


So over commercial gyms. Been going to a Gold's which has been fine, but recently they starting enforcing a "no bags on the gym floor" policy. Manager harassed me about it yesterday. Made me take my bag out to the car as I was in the middle of squat sets of 400+ pounds. Lost my rack when I went out. Pissed.

Last Gold's I belonged to they constantly gave me shit about heavy deadlifting, saying I was "scaring" the older members with the noise of putting the weight down.

I'm aware of Orlando Barbell, but thats in Oviedo, way too far from me in Southwest Orlando. Anyone from the area on here know of a real place I can train?


What part of town do you live in? Are you in Metrowest or where? I’m in the Southeast part of town and I used to lift at Orlando Barbell but the drive was costing me too much so I hear you. I really like the atmosphere there and the owner is great. The only gyms I think you can really lift at are Crossfit gyms but there is another possibility. I lift at home and I don’t have a ton of equipment but it works. I blast hard rock while I lift and I do a Bulgarian type program.


why do you need a bag on the gym floor?

all you need is chalk and possibly a belt.

ive seen lots of “powerlifters” in gyms with huge bags of stuff sprawled everywhere to look hardcore

if you are some world level guy then i apologise but if you’re just joe schmoe you dont need all that extra crap

just lift the weight yourself no bag needed


Not right in Metrowest but yea, that’s the general area. When I have the space I am definitely investing in a home gym.


I recently heard someone has opened a powerlifting gym somewhere else in town but I have to investigate to find out. I’ll let you know should the rumor be true. I want to open a powerlifting gym in town but I’m not there yet. Do you compete? There are meets around town or nearby with 3 different federations. I lift with the USAPL and Raw United. In the past I have done APF meets as well. USAPL has meets at the airport and Raw United has meets in Melbourne, Tampa, Port St. Lucie and several other spots. APF has meets near UCF. What weight class are you? Do you lift raw or with gear?


Here is a link to a new powerlifting gym in Orlando. I don’t know where it is but I am still looking and investigating. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lG-NAW6IqcE
The phone number is:407-271-1759

the address is :1741 N.Goldenrod Rd. Suite C3

I know it’s not real close to you but it’s a lot better that going to Oveido and I think it looks like a real hard core gym. I just spoke with the owner and he sounds cool. Hope this helps.