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Need a Quick Fix


Ok i need some help i have to go back ot the states for a bit and im going to see an old friend thing is i have gotten fat i dont look like my avatar anymore but the last time i saw her i did. So i need any suggestions on how ot lose fat fast i dont care if it is healthy or not i can contend with health at a later date i got about 4 months till i see her and i will not see her looking like homer simpsons fat cousin.


Man, that's TONS of time. Since you posted on the supplement and nutrition forum, I assume you're looking for ways BESIDES exercise to lose BF. You'll probably hear this a lot, so let me be the first:
Velocity Diet

Unless you REALLY ballooned up since your avatar pic, you'll be fine.


not besides exersice but in addition to it.does HOT-ROX really work?


For your goals hell yes. That along with solid diet and training. Good fats. etc..