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Need a Push in the Right Direction

For the last 9ish months I’ve been dieting down, went from 288lbs (maybe higher) to currently 215lbs at 6’2". I’m noticing that I don’t have the muscle I thought I had and have also noticed some imbalances as well, specifically my left pec is larger (considerably) than my right and a few others that I badly want to correct.

I’m not as lean as I would like and I know the 4/1 rule when fatties try to add muscle but I’m tired of dieting and am anxious to get bigger/stonger.

My thought is taking 3-4 months and focus on gaining muscle, clean like, then going back to the diet. Basically add in a few carbs in the mornings and PWO throw down a few extra hunks of meat thoughout the day. Ideally gain 10+lbs of muscle then diet off the rest of the fat. Good/bad?

Should I just be paitent and diet down to around 190-200 area or try my idea? I’ve never eaten intentionally to gain so I have nothing to base off of, which is why I ask.
There are pictures in my profile if you wanna check’em out.
Let me know what else you need and I’ll gladly answer.

You need to be frank with yourself and ask if you will be fine with gaining more fat. If so, bulk. Keep fat gain minimal.

If the answer is no, continue to lean out, the right way, then bulk.

If you can’t be honest with yourself, pick a goal, and stick to it for a good 3-4 months at least, then you can’t move forward in your training