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Need a Program w/ Flexible Schedule


Hey guy i have a special request..i found this place and planning to stick with it!its amazing..

So all over on the net the transformation programs are all for non active lifstyle people..

i have a variant schedule (mobile) a family with a kid(7year old)

I train at least 3 times a week..but my nutrition is off big time..my wife does not care and my son loves cookies..lol

so i need a program that would adapt to my life style?i cant eat 6 times a day..lol no microwave in my car..

any body hear have a sug?


Your results are only going to be comparable to the effort you're able to put in; especially with respect to nutrition. What are your goals?


My suggestion is to... get serious quickly or admit you're never going to be where you want to be.

LOTS of people juggle families, careers, and all sorts of stuff to do this. I personally have less than $100 in my bank account at all times. Guess what - I get it done.

You just need to make it happen. If food is an issue, get more cheeseburgers. Have protein shakes with raw oats in them. Do something, just don't make excuses.


Exactly, I always think of Ronnie Coleman. He became Mr. Olympia working as a full-time police officer. Pulling shift work, 10 hour days, and so on. I understand that you, nor I, will ever want to compete, but that should be an example to you that it can be done regardless of your situation. It just takes a lot of discipline. Get in the gym when you can, have food prepared so you will always have it. Use tupperware or whatever.


Yap for shure..can anybody put an example of what they did?

for shure it is all in the attitude.that i understand,and yes lots of people have the same issue's as me .But im a gym rat but the rest for nutrition is still new to me..all the programs i see is not what i can do..its not the money issue it's the kick start i need to get in the right direction.

thx for the help!

sorry for the attitude ,...really discouraged..


As far as nurtrition, prepare your meals that you need to on your day off for that week, like a Sunday, and put them in the 'fridge in containers. That way you will have your food there always ready to go, take it to work or wherever you may go. If you're in the car, take a cooler.

Training wise, how often can you train? What is your realistic schedule? Remember, you don't need to be training for 2 hours or some nonsense. If you do it right, you can get a kick ass workout in 30 minutes.


i workout about 3 to 4 times a week depending on my work..

i start my workout at 7 am to 745 -8 am..

i always fully HIT and cardio..

and i have my trusty companion my ipod touch..lol i have about 5 apps just for fitness..

as for the food..ya i just need to kick my self in the ass..thx!