Need A Program Suggestion

ok heres my current situation:

Ive been interested in working out and did it here and there for a couple years (I have a home gym sorta setup) but just started getting sorta serious about 4 months ago (bout the same time I found this site).

I did a program I designed myself, mostly your typical 3x10 back-bis, chest-tris, shoulders, legs routine for a couple weeks.

Then when I found this site I started eating more and better and went through the full 8 weeks of ABBH1 and managed to go from 150-155 to 175 at roughly the same b/f. Finished that about 3 weeks ago and I’ve mellowed out (read gotten a little lazy) since then.

Now wanna keep going strong but I’m not sure which T-Nation program to go to. Any ideas besides the obvious ABBH2? (Id rather mix things up then go back to that later). My main goals at this point are strength and size then I guess maybe Ill cut out a little in the spring (yeah I know I know at 175 cutting should be the last thing on my mind).

Any advice is appreciated

so how long again have you been training on a consitent basis?

height and you weight 175 right?
what are your current lifts?

The first thing that you must do, and I quote Dan John is to “show up”

Im 5’8" and Ive taken like 2-3 off/with light workouts with no real direction :confused:
Im thinking about going to OVT but last time I tried it I got about a week and a half in and got too burnt out

If you’ve been getting good progress with Chad’s workout, then pick another one of his and give it a go.

He’s got a whole series of them on the site and if you do a search you’ll find him telling you what order he suggests doing them in.

Then, as others have said, find the gym, consistently…

yeah I just started SOB training today. I think I’m gonna do that and see if I can get a couple more lbs. Then when its done Im gonna switch over to Strength Focused Mesocycle