Need a Program for Throwers

Hello all. I am in new to bodybuilding and would appreciate some help. I am 6’4 and weigh 200 lbs. I will be throwing shotput/discus/javeline/hammer/weight for a division 1 university in the coming fall. I have never picked a weight up in my life and I am 18 years old. I got accepted to the team only based on my form and natural strength. I have started to lift weights but when I go into the weight room, I feel like I don’t know what I am doing and when I leave I am confused on if I had a good work out or a poor workout. I tried squating with just the bar but I am questioning my form. My diet is very strong consisting of a lot of protien and few carbs.

(1) I am wondering if at the age of 18 it is too late to be able to not embarass myself in the weight room when I work out with the team.
(2) If it is too late to be able to become a bodybuilder.
(3) I am in need of a full body workout program no matter how grueling to be able to gain strength so I do not embarass myself in front of the team and to improve my distance on all my throws.

Thank you very much for the help.
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call your coach and ask him/her what he wants you to do.

Only weak little girls bodybuild.

Like bluejay said, talk to your coach, they should help you out.

[quote]BlackLabel wrote:
Only weak little girls bodybuild.


That’s a request to get flamed.

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BlackLabel wrote:
Only weak little girls bodybuild.

That’s a request to get flamed.

Its the internet.

I would agree that calling your coach would be a great option. However, I wouldn’t automatically assume that the Track & Field coach knows what he/she is talking about in the weight room. If they use a Strength Coach, I would contact them after talking to the head coach.

One option would be to start with the Stronglifts 5x5 Beginner Program:

Workout A
Squat 5x5
Bench Press 5x5
Inverted Rows 3xF
Push-ups 3xF
Reverse Crunch 3x12

Workout B
Squat 5x5
Overhead Press 5x5
Deadlift 1x5
Pull-ups/Chin-ups 3xF
Prone Bridges 3x30sec

You could run it as is, and it would be a good solid foundation. If I were doing it for throws I would replace the Workout A Inverted Rows for Barbell Bent Over Rows, and the Workout B Squats with Hang Cleans or Power Cleans, but I would only do that if I had someone to teach me how. I also think there needs to be some oblique work in there, especially for a thrower.

A couple good things about the program is that it has a spreadsheet that you can print out and track your progress, and also has pictures and descriptions of all of the exercises.

Agree your coach should be first stop, especially in a DIV 1 school, otherwise the National Throwers Coaching Association put out a great video by Jud Logan, on Strength training for throwing. Also search on the internet for anything by Jud. (power cleaned 180kg+ x 6s back in 1988 made 4 OG teams). Also Powell has a great video that covers discus well plus has a lifting section, demonstrating lifts.

If throwing Shot Discus and hammer, you will be benching, power snatching, power cleaning and squatting. plus and of their derivitives, plus whatever special exercises you need (think plate twists). If doing more shot then power jerking pushing pressing front and back also.

At a later stage you might add some powerlifts but the problem I have with Westside for throwers is tryinmg to fit hard throwing into that template.

As to your age, I was talking to Australian Nat Rec holder (21.27) Scott Martin who admitted when he was 18 (around 107kgs) he had a 250 bench. 9 years later it is 550lbs.

As a side note, don’t get hung up on lifting, Logan was way stronger than Sedykh or Litvinov in the weight room, but they were much stronger, and faster throwing hammer.