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Need a program for a 15 year old

My son is now offseason until football starts next year. There are so many workouts we’re not sure which one to try. We’ve been following a lot of Joe DeFrancos advice with great results, but now we need to put a full offseason workout together and could use any help offered. Thank you in advance for any help you could give. He’s been lifting for two years, and his diet is as good or better than any 15 year old I know. The only supplementation I’ve allowed him on so far is protein powders, as soon as we finish the myoplex we have we’re switching to Grow and surge, I also let him do one cycle of creatine this track season which seemed to help a lot. He wants to take more supplements, but I’m hesitant to let him just yet.

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renegade train that young man.

Wow what a awesome dad you are…congrats on that…i work with a lot of hs kids in that age range for football and creating a base is the most important thing…this may seem like a weird thing to people on this forum for me to say but at that age hypertrophy is the most important thing…a body-part tier program with emphasis on prepillins chart with loads that create strength and power are most important…also gpp-gpp-gpp that kid to death…push ups, med balls, burpies, sled, tire flipping, these are the things that wil create power that translates ot the field…big m

Since you like Joe D’s advice, why not pay him to design a custom program? If not Joe, then my other choices would be Christian T and Chad W.

dont let him take any more sups. kids always want to take more thinking they will become beasts in a day just by taking a pill.
as far as what to give him, i suggest he does cleans, clean and jerks, or better yet snatches. i was a football player myself and in the offseason i did these and it really worked for me. my quickness and speed increased parallel with my size. i started with heavy cleans, then progressed to clean and jerks and then to snatch. also, tri’s are very important for football, as well as good squating. he sounds like someone who needs/wants speed, so work on glutes and hams would definetly help improve his speed. i am sure u know all this, but i am just trying to reafirm the facts. if you could tell me his position, i might be able to help your further.

hope that helped.


You are smart being “hesitant” about allowing your 15 year old son to take supplements. Even though most studies point to no negative side effects regarding Creatine, we have no idea of the long term side effects, especially when given to a 15 year old.

Stick with a lots of good food and a basic protein supplement. I am sure that you don’t want to play games with your sons long term health for short term sports glory.

I agree, no supplements! Teach him to understand that healthy food will do wonders, not pills and potions. Like bm mentioned, “strongman” type training is great for someone at his stage. Don’t do maxes, work in a higher rep range for more hypertrophy, but that doesn’t mean bodybuilding. Man I wish I had the parental support he has when I was his age. Good for you!

What is gpp? Also, is EDT Training to advanced for a 15 year old, or could it be tailored for his needs. Bare in mind he is way ahead of most kids his age.

GPP exercises have already been mentioned. They are used to increase work capacity and include sled work, jumping jacks, med.ball work,tire flips,etc.,etc. Get creative with these to make it fun. Coach Davies has written many articles here that use this concept and you can find articles on sled work here as well and at EliteFTS.com, just do a search.
EDT is a hypertrophy and work capacity improving program. The concept involves training under a specific time period as opposed to a specific rep range. Do a search for Charles Staley EDT.

Here’s my thinking, spend the next 8-12 weeks on hypertrophy, gaining some mass, then do some strength work and finish with explosiveness, something along those lines. Right now he is taking a week or two off, on my orders. I’ve been thinking of EDT for mass, and he thinks it sounds like a cool thing to try, just want as much informed input as possible.

Bump, still need more feedback

Piper1 start w/ a full-body work-out 3x a week w/ compound movements for example:

Workout A could be the following:

E1)Squats 1x10 the first week 2x10 the second then 3x10

E2)Bench Press same as above sets and reps

You are super setting E1 and E2

E3) Leg Press: rep & sets same as above
E4) Push Press: reps & sets same

Super setting E3 and E4

E5) Lunges reps and set same
E6) Deadlifts reps and set same

Super set E5 and E6

Change the Exercise on the 2nd and 3rd day but, keep the same idea. This should last about 4-6 week training block. and then change the reps to 6-8. Also have him work on dynamic hip mobility also in the off-season.

You can pm me if you want more info.

In Health,

Silas C.

I would agree that he should stay away from most supplements, but I think a good multi and whey protein would be fine. I think everyone already covered enough programs to keep you busy reading for a while. Good luck.

BigMartin mentioned prepellins chart, what is that?

A. S. Prilepin Table for you

55-65 // 3-6 //24 18-30
70-75 // 3-6 //18 12-24
80-85 //2-4 //15 10-20
90+ //1-2 //7 4-10

Intensity level//reps per set with optimal total reps and range.

In training a young man consider the base of his training, the foundation of all his work, the concepts and goals and what I term as the “wheel of conditioning”. Please let me know if I can be of help.

In faith,

Coach Davies

Minus the leg press, i think Fitone has got the right idea. Hes only 15. hes still a beginner. He needs a beginner program regardless of how advanced he his for his age.