Need a Plan??

Okay so im a beginner, but im not a beginner. Ive been working out for years, but ive never actually gotten onto a plan. Basically i want to get bigger, and leaner. I want to build a lot more muscle and burn fat. My problem is i want to get into a plan that kicks my ass, but ive been searching for days, and i have no clue where to look for one.

I see all these big, cut, lean guys in the gym and ask " where can i research to work towards that goal?" and usually i just get blown off. I need some help to get a a plan here. including eating right, where can i go, im so lost right now, and the more i look, the more i get lost.

Any help is GREATLY appreciated guys, thank you, a lot

Well try the beginners thread if you haven’t already.

Otherwise, try ABBH 1 & 2, then Quattro Dynamo and then HFT all by Chad Waterbury. QD is in my opinion one of his toughest programs.

For diet, try Massive Eating by John Berardi.