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Need a Pick Me Up


First thread on T-Nation.

19yrs old
bodyfat- unsure but my skinfold was 8 on stomach and 8 on back a year ago wrestling 152, a little more skin now but not a whole lot.

been a lifter since my freshman year of highschool..cant really count the first 2 years..so about 2 intelligently....

Squat - Unsure...have gotten 315 for reps in the past, not even close right now
Deadlift - 315
Barbell Row - 200 for 3
Chinups/Pullups - 15+/8 w/ 30lbs
Military Press - 165
Incline bench - 205 for 3
Bench - 245

For the past 6 months my goals have been to basically fix my muscles imbalances (delts/rear delts..chest/back..bis/tris..hams/quads) along with fixing my form in general and especially the big lifts. For the most part fix most of them but my chest is still lagging because shoulders are so dominant. Still working on it.

Currently suffering from what i believe is a strained bicep (idiotically attempted a one handed pullup and almost succeeded) and my left leg is acting up, hence the no actual squat numbers....I'm not blessed with anatomical nomenclature but its the lower inner thigh/knee area..if i had to guess i would say hamstring and/or groin? Unsure how it actually occured but it is somewhat uncomfortable to walk and i have to change my stride ive noticed..Ive attempted to let the leg heal without lifting but that causes it to hurt more so ive been doing relatively lift weight squats with 95lbs(i know) with parallel stance toes slightly outward i descend ass out first sit into it blah blah and it just feels off..Done static stretches and foam rolling of whole leg area hips hams quads glutes groin calves..its still bothering me attempted very light lying leg curls but the stretch was not comfortable at all almost felt unsafe......

2 Questions:

1) My leg is clearly not unbearable but i just havent seen any progress. Any thoughts?

2) I've been rather down lately with my leg hurting and just upset with myself for no particular reason. I seem to never be satisfied with any progress I make with lifting or any of my goals for that matter. Of course that mindset is good to have in the longrun with this shit but no not sometimes. So I'm just curious if i downplay myself?


Man ure bustin ur ass...don't get down about injuries...when u lift on a normal
Basis things happen...u push urself and its just part of it man...keep ur head up
And let ur leg tell u when its ready to go...

As far as the catching up of the chest...I have the same problem...believe its due to
Early years of lifting and using them on exercises in the wrong way and not isolating the chest.

Non the less keep ur head up n be patient


Yeah I feel ya with the chest..a couple years of bad form is hard to fix..but I just have a shitty mindset lately but thanks


If you are going to give advice, at least use English. Reading this mess is painful.

OP: It's good that you are working on your form, but worrying about imbalances when you have little muscle to begin with is a bit of a waste. You need to get your diet in check (i.e. eat more) and start lifting consistently in order to see any progress. After 2 years of lifting, if you are only at 160 lbs at 6', you have other issues to contend with, unless you started out at something like 120 lbs.


I try to eat as much as i can but it can be difficult at times with commuting to school and my parents not buying exactly what i need..i work with what i have because i understand that eating is the most important thing..and im by no means big but i've been asked by other wrestlers my weight class who believe me to be 20 lbs heavier than i actually am..i have some muscle im just very lean..and the muscle imbalances are just a mental issue of mine because ive dislocated both my shoulders and the left on twice so i feel the need to work on them.