Need a Phrase

If you were to have a blog or column, what would you call it? Catchy phrase, four words or less, that doesn’t limit what’s written in it…

Shit in my skillet…?

Random Thoughts of the Insane (I know…five)

“Confessions of an Irishman”


“Veni, Vidi, Vici, Bitch!”

five dollar foot loooong!

Ding Dong Mother-fucker!

Splashboard Confessional

“The InfoLicious BlaboSpheric BlogaTron”

Diary of a Mad Black Woman

You won’t read anyway


Too Long; Didn’t Read

Confessions of a Squat Rack Curler

As I Lay Benching

[quote]countingbeans wrote:
You won’t read anyway[/quote]

This one’s good.

Breakneck Inferno

Paris Hilton Tiger Woods Sex (gets lots of hits)

Space $19.99!

I Ate It All

Grok and Roll

Get off my blog or i’ll shoot you.

Don’t Drink an Enema

Gay Men Wear Plaid

Hey Go Fuck Yourself

Wild Monkey Lovin’ --Probably taken

Climbing the Dark Tower

I’m just wondering, if you’re going to make money on this, will you share it with the person who names your blog?

Balls Deep In Irish

Fuck You.