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Need a No-Nonsense Program

  hey everyone, i have been lurking around this site for sometime, and have made some good gains from the info that i have received from T-Nation. i have been doing total body workouts 3 times a week, monday, wednesday and friday, i really like this routine and dont really want to change to a split. 

How can i change my workout to make gains? i am currently doing these lifts, hang cleans, full squats, incline barbell press, dips, and pull ups, i have stopped doing direct shoulder work after emailing Chad Waterbury who told me that i didnt need direct shoulder work with the lifts that i am doing. i usuall do 3 sets of 8-12 reps, and i love doing these “big” lifts, i really do not want to go back to a split with single joint movements such as curls, also should i include direct bicep work?

i need a new program and im lost and need some help from people who know what the hell their talking about, so thank you guys for your time and any help will be much appreciated