Need a New Training Program

Hey ya’ll.

Although I have been reading articles I don’t recall ever posting in any of the message forums. I really like the no nonsense bullshit approach.

I have been very lazy over the past six months and haven’t had any consistent strength training or conditioning workouts.

I currently got fat and am starting to resemble ron jeremy’s midsection ever since I got discharged out of the Army two months ago. During my time off I have gained over 25 pounds of gut. Currently I am about 230 but I do want to get my weight back down to 190. I am probably about 30% bodyfat unfortunately.

I can still squat 315 for a one rep max and still pull 385 without wearing a belt. my bench press is just pitiful since I can only bench 215. I had tore my pec muscle during my Afghanistan deployment last year. I want to get away from all the accessory exercises and focus on squats, bench, deadlift, and learning how to clean and snatch as well. I would also like to use a prowler for conditioning work.

Any really good articles that I need to review again, since I am just starting over.

Anything by Jim Wendler.

[quote]TrevorLPT wrote:
Anything by Jim Wendler. [/quote]

If you want to get better at the big 3 with no bullshit attached, 5/3/1 is for you. I personally would consider the Full Body Full Boring template for total focus on the big 3 but have a read and go for whatever template floats your boat.