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Need a New Routine Post-Back Injury

Hey all,
Just coming back to the gym after a back injury last October (tissue damage around the S1-5, no disc damage according to the doctor)and would really like some recommendations on a program to re-build strength. I’ve found that with a lot of warm-up and daily stretching squatting once a week is ok, but rack pulls are as close as I can get to deadlifting.

So, sadly any kind of Bill Starr programs are out for the moment. Ideally, I’d like to get on a three day program that will help get strong again but also strengthen the core and help with further injury prevention. Packing a little muscle back on would be ok, too.

Post-injury, this is where I stand:
Bench - 245
Rack Pull- 225

Thanks in advance everyone. I’ve never had an injury that’s taken me out of the game for so long, but I’m pretty fired up to be able to train again.

wow … tough crowd

I’ve had problems with bulging discs and 5 episodes were I’ve been on my back for a couple of weeks at a time.

The lumbar stability thread is a good one for you to check out.

What are you trying to achieve? If you’re not a powerlifter single leg exercises and when your back is good enough jumping and sprinting should be good enough for a while.

I also reckon overhead squats are great for flexibilty so you don’t get sucked into old bad form habits.

Thanks man … appreciate it.

While I’m not a powerlifter, I’ve used a modified westside template for the last few years … it’s just the kind of training I enjoy most.

Ideally, my short term goals are to re-gain strength after so much time off. The biggest hurdle is how to do it. I’m a little wary of jumping back into a westside-type PL routine because, as I mentioned, deadlifts and good-mornings are out for the time being. However, squatting once a week is fine as is bench, overhead perss, etc.
I read the lumbar thread and found some helpful tips. The question is how to incorporate that into a weekly program.