Need a New Program, Help!!

Hey all,

Basically, I’m confused. We have been training instinctively for the past 2 years. Basic layout is as follows;

Heavy upper: EX: Max overhead (work up to 1rm), supplemental overheard, heavy triceps up to 1 or 3rm, tricep accessory work, abs

Heavy lower: Ex: Squat (work up to 1rm), snatch or clean up to 1 rm, 2 supplemental lowers (goodmorning, hypers), abs


accessory/bodybuilding. hit either chest or delts (whatever we did not do on Monday) back, biceps, rear delts, etc. Big volume here, think 5 sets on most lifts, some very high reps, some working down to a max

Fri: off

strongman event day. 2 or 3 events (ie log, deadlift, tire flip, axel overhead, farmers, etc) this will always end up in several complete maxed out sets/runs. end with GPP such as sled/sandbags/drags, etc.

Sun: off

Mon: repeat

This layout has worked pretty well for us, but we are both stalling and I’m hurt more and more often. We are just maxing out too often, and there is no rhyme or reason to the program, we just do what we feel like. I’m lucky to get a deload week every other month. However, when I think of a new program I’m having issues.

We are really training 4 things right now. Strongman, oly lifts, powerlifting, and bodybuilding. Not the smartest thing, but we enjoy all of them. I want to come up with something that is 5 days per week and hits all 4 of those disciplines. However, I also want to make sure that I get some progressive loading and deloading as well. I don’t need to be maxing out 3 days per week.

Does anyone have some ideas here? I can handle being in the gym for a while so this is not really an issue. Thanks in advance to anyone who pitches in.


One thing you could do, without really dropping any of your disciplines is use a longer training “week”. Base your training off two-week progressions, instead of one, for example.

Something like this:

Mon: Heavy/ME Upper

Tue: Olympic lifts

Wed: off

Thur: BBing upper body push(chest, tris)

Fri: BBing upper body pull (back, bis)

Sat: Events

Sun: off

Mon: Heavy/ME Lower

Tue: DE/RE Upper or a specialty day, like grip, rehab, GPP/conditioning etc.

Wed: off

Thur: BBing legs

Fri: BBing shoulders

Sat: Events

Sun: off


Something like that might work for 6-8 week cycles. You’re hitting all the disciples with a slight rotation of upper and lower body focus. Of course it will probably need some personal tweaking.

That’s a great idea bud, thanks! I will play around with it tonight but it sounds really good.