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Need a New Plan

Hi, I’m 18 and I’ve been working out for about 3 years now, I’m 6ft and 12 stone. Skinny as heck I know hahah. But these past few months the gains have pretty much stopped, I’ve been eating 3500 calories a day training at least 3 days a week.

I considered using D-Bol then I realised that would be the most stupid decision I could make as being a teen I should have naturally high test and I don’t want to mess my body up.

But seriously how can I kick start my gains again.

I’ve being adding weight to my lifts and I can’t physically lift anymore. What else can I do?

I’ve considered quitting but I know a few months down the line I will regret it and be at the exact same place I am now.

This is shit.

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What, exactly, did you eat yesterday?

Eat more food than you’ve been eating. Gaining size really is that simple. Training is secondary. Being consistent with ample calories is the biggest hurdle skinny guys face.

Don’t just focus on adding weight to your lifts. Volume builds size, so work to add reps also. If your squat goes from 185x8 to 185x15, your legs will grow.


Yesterday from what I can remember I eat scrambled egg for breakfast (before I got to work), then I had 6 weeabix biscuits with milk, and a banana. For my break. Then for my lunch I had a uncle bens rice and chicken. Pre work out snack Peanut butter bagel. For my dinner I had beef chilli and rice. What ever calories remained of my 3500 I will have drank in fruit juice or milk. But I will increase my reps. Thank you for your help.

Keep pounding the milk and eat meat with every meal, works for me


For Training do this…

One meal a week eat as much of your favourite junk food as possible