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Need a New Online Source!


I'm looking for a new online source for gear. My old source stopped selling what i need. I've been lurking a lot on this site for almost a year now, so i know how everyone is about posting sources. Please don't post the source on this thread. If you would like to share a legit source, please PM me. Thanks in advance.




bro do ur self a favor, before asking, look around on this forum its so easy to find sources others have already blurted out.

id go ahead and delete ur post if i was you, or you can go on to get flamed.



and or all


Thanks for askin us to pm you instesd of postin out in a open forum, it shows you really care !!!!! I dont know about anyone else but i trust you.


people who have to ask for sources show they have not read up about it much, and are probably not ready at all.


glad to see you all are mature. as for not being ready...haha. i was asking if someone wanted to help me out. it's funny how people are afraid to give out websites that advertise the fact that they sell steroids. im just afraid of buying from sources that idk are legit. if you want to flame then flame away i really don't care because i don't pay for the bandwidth your useless posts use up.


i am newbie to this site, and I understand you do not want to be taken for a ride or ripped off, but for myself in reading past threads, sources have been posted. Just a take a little time dude to look thru some past posts....




Yeah it does take time.... But it will happen...
This site is great...Great people...Good advice...

I love T-Nation...



Got what i need. Thanks.