Need a new Multivitamin

I’ve got a few days left of my Centrum Silver. Since they are hard as a rock and poorly absorbed, I need somthing new.

Since I lift and mountainbike 4x each a week, a potent one would be best. Can’t have any iron either.

I did a search and found the latest link regarding multi’s. There were many listed. I prefer an AM & Pm type with very high absorbtion.

Anybody have a preference, recommendations?

From my own research I have found that the finest pharmaceutical grade vitamins are made by Life Extension. Go to their web site: “” and start reading. They have a great multi.

RF, ZEB and I are both fans of the Life Extension Foundation’s multi. It has over 69 different ingredients at ODA (Optimal Daily Allowances) vs. RDA (Recommended Daily Allowances). In other words there’s enough of the ingredients to actually do you some good.

Quality and absorbability are awesome. You can get it in a pressed table, a capsule or straight powder.

Not cheap, but the price per bottle is based on your getting a 5-week supply, not 30 days. If you go with the LEF’s multi, become a member to get better pricing.

Thanx guys.

Terry are you taking 3 multi’s a day as in am, mid afternoon, pm?

RF, that’s the way it works out most times. But if you eat 6 (or more) meals, there wouldn’t be anything wrong with taking one or two tabs each meal, up to the total of 9 you’re supposed to take each day.

I have tried Dr Whitakers Multi as well as Usana Essentials (sold by Ian King on his website) I have realy seen no difference in my performance from a $60.00 Multi and a $15.00 Multi. I have never tried the life extension.

The life exstentions are expensive. I’m still shopping, but I am taking
Too bad as well. Kirkland Silver (Centrum Clone) are less than $10.00 those into account.
for 300. I’ve been taking 2 in the morning and two at night. Haven’t felt a damm thing either.

Kraig, I’d agree with you that I feel nothing from taking a (good) multi, and I definitely don’t see any difference in performance. Expensive or inexpensive, Centrum or LEF – you’re unlikely to feel anything. I consider it an investment in my health and in my future. It’s a lot like paying the insurance premium on my car each year.

RF, there’s nothing wrong with taking something middle of the road. For me the most important part is not how much is in the multi (9 horse pills in the case of LEF’s multi), but how many times you have to take it a day. The body will only use what it needs at any given time and it excretes the rest. You could provide your body 100% of its daily requirements for x number of nutrients in one one-a-day hores pill, but it may only utilize, eh, maybe 27.68%. Now if you cut that one horse pill into 3 pieces and took it at 3 different times during the day, the body would utilize a higher percentage of what you provided it, even though you were providing it with less at any given time.

One of the hallmarks of a good multi is that you are required to take it more than once a day. If you do that much, even if you don’t buy LEF’s multi, you will have taken things to the next higher level.


while I agree with you. It is just hard for me to spend that kind of money month after month with no tangable evidence that I am not just pissing it away (literally).

How are twin lab daily ones w/o iron?

I am trying these Super Nutrition packs that Chad Waterbury uses. Six pills per day.

AFAIK TwinLab’s DualTabs have a delayed effect on half of the capsule, meaning that this half is absorbed a few hours later. Seems like a good one to me.

I use the Animal Pak - again - something like 11 tabs or horse tabs as Terry calls them.
I will try another type when this order ends - Michael Colgan Reccomends those LEF ones - so I things I’ll be trying them soon.

I use multi vitamins from infinity2, cool stuff it is.

TwinLabs Daily Two Caps.

I agree totally with Tampa Terry. You may not feel a big difference between multi vitamins. It’s not like taking a performance enhancing nutrient like Tribex, or a good Creatine powder. However, over the long haul you will see a big difference.

I began training in my late teens. thirty years later, all of the guys that I trained with in the earlier years have either given it up because of health concerns, or can’t continue for some other reason due to the age factor. I am still setting personal records and feel great. I have also always purchsed the best supplements, including the best multi vitamin available!

Naturally there is no scientific way to track my training longevity directly to my purchase of a good quality multi vitamin. On the other hand none of my early training partners believed in quality vitamin supplementation and they look, act and if you ask them, they will tell you they feel their age, or older.

I have stated this before on this board, and will many more times I am sure. You have just one body. You will either take care of that body as best you can, or you won’t! I have seen some trainees who will not take any sort of vitamin or supplement for longevity, or purchase the cheapest supplements available. Yet, they buy the finest oil and gas for their car. They may not drive that car more than a few years. You are stuck with the body you have now forever!

Still other people purchase the best cloths, hair and skin care products (usually women, sorry Terry). Yet, when it comes to their health they think lifting a couple times per week and doing some cardio is going to keep them in the game. If I didn’t care so much it would be funny to watch.

Face this relaity: Someday if you are lucky, you will eventually be thirty years of age, then forty, then fifty, sixty and so on. I know you think you are naturally going to feel the way you do now. I have news for you, if you don’t do something to ensure this occurrence, it is not going to happen!

Okay, I went on a bit long. I only do so because I care. Now get your butt out there and do what your Aunt Terry and Uncle Zeb tell you! Do the research, and purchase a quality vitamin product! You young whipper snapper. Haha.

what kind of evidence are you looking for? I take am and pm multis and i’ve never experienced any immediate effect like more engery, better performance, etc… But i do think that the minerals,vitamins, antioxidants help with the body’s many biochemical processes and that like tt said, they are like an insurance premium. I seem to get sick less often than most people and I think I’m in a better mood day in and day out than the average joe. That could also be attributed to the exercise i get, it’s hard to say. I just think in the long run you’re better off by taking a potent, high absorption multi at least twice a day.

Another point:


I am of the Philosophy that “Looking Good Nekkid” begins from the inside and at the cellular level. THAT to me is the true value of “LEF”. Their Supplements are not only Scientifically proven and tested…but they addesses health, disease and longevity from the cellular level.


I’ve been taking Dr. Whitaker’s Forward Plus for several years. When I first began taking it, I noticed a difference in how I felt, probably because I had been under great stress and eating poorly before that. Now, I don’t notice feeling very different, but I still take them because I keep reading about how long-term vitamin/mineral/antioxidant supplements at optimal doses provide protection from free radicals etc. I am trying to avoid some of the age-related decline I saw happen to my grandparents (who took Centrum).