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Need a New Laptop


Here's the situation,.. I've been using a Gateway tablet laptop for the last few years, and despite having many many problems and sending it back and forth constantly the first year (under warranty), it's finally crapped out completely. I need a new comp, preferably a laptop, BUT I've gotten very used to the pen sensitive display, and know that I wouldn't want to try doing my Photoshop work with a mouse.

I would never buy a Gateway computer again, and I know Sony (I have an older Sony desktop that served me very well) doesn't make tablet PCs. Obviously I use my computer for a hell of a lot more than just the graphics stuff (lately, keeping tabs on my PT/Training clinets, as well as a book that I'm working on), and I do wonder if I may just have to suck it up and realize that tablet PCs seem to be a thing of the past (everyone has 'tablets', but not full blown tablet-computers).

Thoughts, suggestions?



I'm unfamiliar with pen sensitive displays, but If you do a lot of graphics stuff, why not get a Macbook?

Plus since you're a teacher you'll get an education discount.

I don't know if they still do, but they use to give teachers free OS upgrades and other free software.


There are a few netbooks that are pen sensitive.


Get a tablet and stylus, like a Wacom?


I was never a fan of the old tablets, and even went so far as to invest in a Cintique monitor for my Desktop (a pen sensitive full size monitor) 7 years ago (not cheap -lol). I'm not a fan of Macs though, something about paying more for 'less' of a product even though it looks all slick and shiny just doesn't sit well with me.

I was on the phone with sales reps for Sony and Dell this morning, and neither one seem to have what I want. Dell has one, but it only has a 10" screen, which seriously sucks. I may just end up having to get a plain ol' boring Laptop for everything but my graphics stuff... :frowning:



I'm not sure if you've checked the recent prices of Macs, but their prices are nothing like they were in the 90's. Their laptops start at $1000 and with the education discount you'll probably save $100 or so.

Plus the stability of its operating system is one of the main selling points.

Anyways, I would suggest just looking into it since as a teacher you are entitled to a discount and free software.


Hey stu, my bro is a graphic/3d designer and if you want touch sensitive and a good graphics card go for something like an IBM think pad, unbelievably hard wearing and have incredible specs.


check this 1 out:



Whoah, okay, that looks like exactly what I need,.. pen option, but also a full size keyboard (the Dell offering has a tiny screen/leyboard). Definitely looking into this, thanks!




^^$460 external 19" tablet monitor?

Don't know your price range but if your regular computing doesn't require a whole lot of power, you could get a halfway decent laptop and run this off of it.


No probs stu, my brother has the previous model, hes had it for around 3 years usues it daily and carries it everywhere, withstood the test of time as well.


I have an ASUS laptop and haven't had any issues with it. Great system.

Had an Acer before that and the motherboard crapped out after 1 1/2 years, on top of the DVD/CD player playing intermittently (apparently there were QA issues since that model had similar complaints from others).


Ack, was all set to go until the sales rep brought two things to my attention:
-the entire screen is only 12". Not exactly great for multiple windows and animation work.
-the model comes without any sort of cd/dvd drive. I know that's fine for people who just type and email on the go, but it still seems foreign to me.

Why is this so difficult?! -lol