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Need a New Idea for Cutting

Currently I’ve been bulking following a ws4sb template. I was going to do the get shredded diet in 2-3 weeks, but I decided to start going to a mma gym, and there is no way I will be able to lift and then train 4 days a week on the get shredded diet.

Does anyone have any idea on what I could do as far as diet/lifting program go.

I think something along the lines of a 3x total body thing would be best for the cutting, although as far as diet im completly stumped. ANY input at all would be greatly appreciated.

The mma training days would be 1-1.5 hours, and I’m not sure what they would involve. It is my understanding that they are equally technique based as well as conditioning based.

Currently I don’t have any diet really. I try to eat a lot of meat, and enough calories to gain weight. I probably get maybe 400 grams of carbs 300-350 grams of protein, 100-150 grams of fat. On training days I try to eat around 1000-1500 calories within an hour of training. Carbs are probably a bit lower on non training days, and I half assedly time my nutrients where I kinda sorta taper off carbs towards the end of the day.

The last paragraph was just to give you an idea of where I come from. I realize my diet now needs attention If i actually expect to lose weight.

Check out “Complexes for fat loss”. Intense HIIT style sessions are best for burning fat. MMA sparring is a good example.

You’re listed at 6-10% body fat in your profile…If you’re doing WS4SB AND full body grappling/jiu-jitsu (and I imagine any beginner MMA routine should be working on this first, with little emphasis on striking) You’re going to need a TON of calories. Your current diet is roughly 400 calories. I wouldn’t reduce that much, if at all. Simply focus on the quality of your intake, and the MMA will take care of the ‘cardio’. It’s unclear to me whether you want MMA to be a fat loss tool, or if it is something you’re pursuing for it’s own sake.

Really though, 6-10% bf and looking to lose weight? Add some green tea, watch your omega 3/6 balance, and avoid bad fats/carbs. Unles your profile is radically incorrect, that should be enough.

My profile is out of date, I’m currently around 210 and 14% bodyfat. I think I’m just going hold off on mma for 8-10 weeks and just do the get shredded diet. Once I get back to a bulking sense again I’ll probably do a 3xweek westside template and try to cram my face full of of food every day.

if you wanna get into mma, go into it now. dont go into it after shredding. it’ll hurt you.

That last post probably changed my mind. If you could give a little more reasoning as to why? at the moment I’m kind of torn what to do. I could just hold off on it for 8-10 weeks when I diet and gaurentee that i have hawt abz for the summer, or i could chance it and go now. Would losing 8-10 weeks of technique practice really hurt that much? I’m not even 17 and couldn’t even fight for another year minimum.

Would it be a recovery thing, technique thing? I could easily just pound down an extra 1k calories a day to make up for the added activity after I cut, in order to gain some more mass.


I would imagine that the MMA training itself would get you pretty cut up on it’s own. I’m pretty sure it’s mostly conditioning training which basically means lots of cardio. Plus cutting is mostly related to a squeaky clean diet as we’ve heard and seen so many times on this site.