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Need a New Haircut


Alright guys, i need a new haircut. Lemme post what my hair sorta looks like right now and a few of what ive had before, and a few pics of what i like but dont know if it'd work.

What ive had for a long time:

This is the hairstyle i usually keep, but im getting bored of it.

Last summer i had a buzz cut (in the pic, bad hairline and eyebrows), pic 1.
Pic 2 is prolly the longest my hair got, what its at right now.
Pic 3 was after haircut, but its just a pic to show the lineup which i like to keep mostly (gone right now) Its the most recent pic.
Pic 4 is just a random pic, with longer hair on top but sides like a 1 or a 2.

I wanted something with a little effect. I saw a few haircuts and i liked this one especially:

But a slight bit different, and differnet designes instead of that rays thing (right pic)
and i wanted spiked hair instead.

If you guys have any suggestions, just post them, but hurry please caus im prolly gonna get a haircut tomorrow (its 3:30am right now, so in the afternoon tomorrow). I was planning on growing my hair out but i got bored and decided to get a haircut instead.


do it yourself and shave a mohawk


you seriously posting on a bodybuilding site about how you should cut your hair?


oh moses smell the roses


LOL you must be kidding me.


I lol’d


Why would you ask a bunch of dudes which haircut looks better?


Shave the damn thing off and be done with it.


1 is the only one out of all those options.

  1. Chin straps are the lamest form of facial hair out there. If you wanna look like an adult male, grow a mustache.
  2. In the same picture, you ask us to rate your haircut while you are wearing a hat on your head. I’m not a barber nor am I gay, so I don’t know what the hell a “lineup” is.
  3. #2 is borderline emo.
    4)I’m going to check to see if you’ve updated your Cell thread, yet. If you decided that THIS thread deserves more attention, then God help you…

Oh, and I HOPE you are joking about those “effects” you posted links to. If you get that, you can welcome yourself to the world of no adults taking you seriously and every kid thinking you’re a douche.


Seriously, thank you. Best laugh I’ve had all day :slight_smile:

Uhm, this kid is in the T-cell?


Did someone leave that back door to Bodybuilding.com Open again?



hey man

unless you are crazy rich and dont need a job or live in a very liberal are you shouldnt be thinking about effects. Actually, it says youre a student so you prolly dont work so the effcts might be ok…I’d pick the one on the right. its not too over the top

but seriously why is he getting flamed here? why cant a dude ask other dudes about what hairstyle looks best on him…and on that note

dude why the hell would you wear a hat when you are asking us to rate your hair? haha

and noooo chinstrap, who are you, Everlast?


get a flat top

score one for 09 members


Take 3. Leave the sideburn shit on.

Yes, to all men you’ll look like a homo. But the chicks will be throwing themselves at you, and I’m guessing that’s what you want.

If your goal is to be taken seriously, go bald.


This is what you’ve been spending your time on instead of lifting ? Researching hairstyles ?

You get called out in the T-cell, and don’t have time to reply, but you want us to spent time telling you how to cut your hair ?


[quote]The Mighty Stu wrote:
Did someone leave that back door to Bodybuilding.com Open again?


No, but I think another back door is open.



Cant believe no one posted this.


And the gayest thread on T-Nation award goes to…

Seriously, just get a fade with a line-up. I’ve taught myself how to do a fade. I never have to see a barber again.

Pick up a good pair of Clippers like Oster, Wahl or Andis, and get a trimmer too. I use the Andis T-Outliner.


You spent time making a collage of your various hairstyles ?

Dammit, what the fuck man ?