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Need a New Car


Long story short, my car was totaled about a week ago. It was a '93 Honda Prelude Si, which was in such good condition the insurance company gave me more than I bought it for ($5000, compared to the $3200 I payed for it). So I need a new car. I feel I can't go to a non-sporty car. I feel like I should get a car with more space (I could fit about 1 small suitcase in the trunk and when I drove, the front seat touched the back). Also, I'm 6'3, which limits the cars I would get. Any suggestions?


how much you gonna spend? without throwing a range in price out there you're basically telling us to suggest anything from another 93 prelude Si to a new ferrari.

I'd look for a good condition porsche 928. They're getting to the point where I think they'll start to go up in value.

Remember the delorean? they were easily had 4 years ago for about 5Gs, and now they go for around 28. The same will happen with the 928.


Get something with a turbo. The Jetta 1.8t and the Subaru WRX are both quick cars, and you can get a Jetta for around 9-10K used. I drive a WRX personally, and I love it! The acceleration feels like a jet, and the gas mileage is good at the same time!


A used Dodge Neon SRT if you can fit (the front seats don't go back terribly far). I purchased an '04 SXT for $9,700 w/ 22k. Gas mileage is excellent. The SRT moves and sounds fantastic (from the factory there are no mufflers, just resonators). They also fixed the head gasket problems typical on earlier models. Only negative I have thus far is that the bearings (probably bushings to save $$) in the blower motor and an idler pulley are, IMO, becoming prematurely noisy.


i think he means he needs a car to replace his old one, not a brand new car.


Take a look at the BMW 7-series, very classy cars and they have good space as well. The M5 and M6 are also both fantastic cars. I think you go with BMW and you will be fine.


I just bought a 97 Civic coupe ex for 3500. Good condition, 112k miles. It's the perfect car for me.


Yeah, I meant I need to stick to around 5 G's. I'd love something with a turbo, a WRX would be sweet if I could afford one. My current dream is to have a car with a blow off valve (and hence a turbo, although I think I could rig up a system involving a can of compressed air). My driving will be done from philly to boston, therefore I feel like I should stay away from a RWD, fwiw. I was thinking about maybe a 318, mid-90's. I haven't really considered the neon, as I've always been a little prejudiced against it, but I'll check it out. Thanks guys.


What are you kidding? He should check out the bentley GT, or perhaps the aston martin vanquish.

Shit, The new ferrari f430 looks nice. Get that.


I was under the impression that he wanted a somewhat roomy car.


I was under the impression he wasnt about to spend anywhere NEAR the price of the cars you were suggesting. He had an old Prelude that he got 5 grand for.


I think that was sarcasm dude.


I thought it was pretty obvious. Oh well. Never leave room for interpretation on the internet.


Let me know if you do that so I can come and kill you. Seriously, don't be that guy. If you have a turbocharged car then you have reason for a BOV. Otherwise, DON'T. Down with rice boys. (BTW I also love WRX's, so don't think I am some redneck domestic loving, import hating guy).

Back on topic. Get the best running Honda or Toyota you can find. You will not be let down.



A Jetta 1.8T is not a quick car. A WRX is quick if you get the 276bhp and above models in the US, the lesser powered ones get wanked on by 2 litre hot hatches like Civic Type R.

To OP, get another Prelude.


I tried to make it as obvious as possible.


I had a 03 Hyundai Tiburon GT/V6 for awhile with a 6 speed transmission - very sporty, LOTS of fun to drive, plenty of trunk room, faster than any prelude I've ever seen - hell faster than the mustang GT. Inexpensive, reliable, I miss that car.

heh, then again, I got a motorcycle, and I'm plenty stoked with that, so there ya go.


Sorry, joking, forgot to make it obvious again. Regardless, my 'lude had 182k on it and was still money to drive. But honestly, how funny would it be to hear someone rigged a can of compressed air just to have a blow off valve? By funny, I mean sad/funny.

I appreciated the effort.

I love the WRX STi, but it doesn't have enough personality. I really loved the 4th genertation. I guess I could try and find a VTEC prelude this time around...

I really like the latest generation Tiburon, but wasn't sure about the performance, also didn't know if I could fit. I do want a motorcycle too, but one step at a time.