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Need A New Approach

First off I use to be fat, nothing to extreme it was more of a skinny fat thing. I was 5’7 165lbs I am now 5’10 180 my goal is to be a lean 180-185 lbs.

If anyone has read “The creation of a t-man” my goal is to have a body like John Berardi has in that article.

Now my question is, how should I go a reaching this how many calories should I consume? I don’t want to do an all out bulk, but I really have no idea how much I should eat. I have followed the 7 habits and have seen progress but no major muscle growth.

I know most people will say it more(obviously)
but what about macros. Like I said I dont want to put on alot of fat and my goal is to be a lean 180-185.

Training wise I know I am on the right track I know it has to do with my nutrition.

When you say you don’t want to go on an ‘all out bulk’. What you think you mean, is that you don’t want to jack up our calories too high.

What you actually need to consider, is how long you’ll bulk for. You won’t get fat overnight, so don’t worry about that.

Start at around 3500 calories a day and see how that works out for you. If you feel that you’ve gained too much fat, lower your calories. Don’t forget that if you’ve gained fat, you’ll more than likely have built as much lean mass as possible too, with the leftover calories being used to form adipose tissue.

Consume carbs only upon waking and peri-workout. The rest of your meals should consist mainly of protein and fat: steak, eggs, avocados, olive oil etc.

For the love of god, don’t try and VERY SLOWLY cut fat whilst adding muscle in order to be lean at 180lbs. This will lead to stagnation and frustration.

Good luck.

What’s your approximate macro total and breakdown now?

well at the beginning I was using the t-dawg diet, (I know bad idea) and although I was getting lean I was looking small, I now use something like p/c/f 35/30/35 or 30/40/30. Would it be a bad idea to lose the fat I have and then add lean mass? I ask because I am still soft and carry some fat in some areas.

I would personally recommend bulking unless you have a large amount of fat (16% or more). When you’re below 200lbs fat can seem like more of a problem than it is due to the lower amount of lean mass that you’re carrying.

The fat you have on you now should help with your leverages on the big lifts. Once you put on more muscle your BMR (basal metabolic rate) will increase and the fat that you carry will seem proportionately less significant.

At the end of the day, it’s not like you’re going to be parading your body around a beach in january, so don’t worry about accumulating a little extra adipose tissue during your bulk.