Need a new 5x5 routine

I’m looking for a new 5x5 program. I’ve used Poliquin’s Max Weights but I really don’t want to devote a single day to arms. I want to emphasize “the good stuff” like squats, deads, rows, chins, etc. with some secondary lifts like rev. hypers/glute-ham raises (don’t have the proper machines so I improvise). I don’t do well performing squats and deads on the same day. I thought about something along the lines of Westside but I would like to get a better baseline strength level before something advanced like this. I like Bill Starr’s approach of working up to a 5rm on the basic lifts, but it doesn’t seem like you do enough work to really get the hypertrophy kicking in with only one true work set and a back-off set. Does anyone have a good program/split along these lines that worked well? Thanks in advance.