Need a Little Help on Keto. Creatine?


I’ve been on a keto diet to lean out a bit and I’d say I’ve been on it now 2 months seeing good results being happy keeping it clean and making good progress. My main aim now for the next 6 weeks is to lean out as much as possible so I’m tightening up my diet wherever I can. My question relates to a supplement by muscletech called CELL TECH and it’s creatine. My concern is that in 1 scoop (48g) there’s 38g of carbs and 15g sugar which goes against the “keto grain” is there a creatine available out there that is carb and sugar free or that impossible

Shit the bed, thats certainly not just a creatine supplement. And yes you definitely want to avoid that on keto, it will kick you right out.

You can very easily buy pure creatine monohydrate, which is just that, 100% creatine. Flavourless white powder that’s dirt cheap.

Thanks for the reply . I’m going to check out a supplement store around the corner where i work tomorrow and see what they got.

Depending on where you are, Amazon has some really good and really cheap creatine powders. Supplement stores are usually pretty expensive. I think mine was like $20 US for a kilo of it which is 200 servings.

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Biotest creatine or krealkalyn are both great.

If go to a bulk supplier at a minimum get monohydrate that is creapure or micronized