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Need A Little Help If Anyone Can..

Okay, this is off-topic but that’s what this forum is for…Here’s the story, some asshole scammed me out of some cash right around X-Mas time, and I thought I was doing this guy a favor so I lent him some cash…I never met this guy b4 for this, and I just figured what the hell, its Christmas right?? Well, this guy gave me a fake phone # so I prolly won’t see this money again…HOWEVER, when I lent this guy the cash I also let him make a call on my cell phone…So I kept that #, called it and when I spoke w/the person who answered they told me that this guy is a major fucking loser that does this all the time. They gave me his real phone number and now i have it, and I want to go to his house(i think he still lives with his parents) and royally fuck him up. The only problem is that his phone number is unlisted, so I can’t get his address…Does anyone here in the forum know how I can obtain this address if I have a phone number/?? ANY help is appreciated…

Just bumping this B/C I am really pissed off at this sleazy fuck, so much for being a nice guy on Christmas Eve.

Try a reverse lookup on Anywho.com

Might work, but then again, if it’s unlisted, it might not.

Yahoo! has white pages and somewhere in there is an option to put in the phone number and get the name and address that it belongs to.

call him. If parents answer, I’d tell them, “I loaned him some money before Christmas and something came up where I need it” you’ll be able to tell from their reaction if the loser trait is genetic

That was a little stupid. How much did this lesson cost you?

Like Bill Shakespeare said: “Neither a borrower nor lender be.”

You want honesty? Consider it a lesson learned and you got what you deserved for being so naive.


well I let this asshole use my cell phone when I got conned, and when i got my bill a few days ago I found the call(s) that he made…one was a chick that hated his guts and she was very helpful to say the least…Now I am not one who like to take the law into his own hands, but I got my revenge on Saturday Night…After doing some searching(BTW thanx for the comments), I found this guy’s house, apparently he still lives with his parents–even though he is prolly 25 or so. So I followed this guy after he left his house that night, he went to this bar alone for some reason…Immediately I called two friends, one of whom is always on gear and is just fucking massive, and they met me outside of the bar…I had them wait by his car(I knew which one it was b/c i followed him there) and I went inside. I walked up to him and was trying to be nice, telling him how I trusted him and shit…he was like “Fuck You I don’t owe you shit”…so I started some shit w/him in the bar, which caused both of us to leave but they made me stay in the bar for a few minutes so he could drive away…HAHAHAHA i know he was surprised when he goes up to his car and sees a 5’8", 250 pounder sitting on the hood of his car…
Needless to say, we took care of this fucker in a big way, I got my cash back PLUS interest, and now this piece of shit will think twice b4 he ever tries this type of shit again…and I got my revenge.

that is the coolest shit i have heard in a while.

Gee, that was YOU DanK? If I’d have known I would have given you and your big beefy friends the money right way!(You didn’t have to sodomize me…)

You are quite possibly the biggest idiot I have ever heard of. And I work in customer service, so that’s saying something.

Actually, I was seriously considering bringing one of my gay friends with me when I got back at that asshole…so he could go to town on that guy’s balloon knot…but I thought that might have been going a little too far.

Hey no offense to akigreg, but go fuck yourself huh? I took care of the whole situation perfectly. You got a problem w/that?

Hey smart ass, what would you have done?? nobody’s ever tried shit like that w/me b4 this, and yeah I learned my lesson that I will no longer trust anyone in that type of situation. That was a pretty fucking ignorant statement to make, calling me an idiot when you don’t even fucking know me.

Hey, I don’t believe you, so whaddya think about that? What are you going to do about it, put out a search on me, or maybe type the keys on your keyboard REALLY HARD with a pissed off look on your face? One more thing, can you spot me $50?? I’ll pay you right back!

Maybe if I’d let you use my cell phone, then I’d have something to go on(that was a joke). Okay enough already, this thread is done with…Oh and BTW, sorry I can’t lend you the 50 spot, my charity days are done with.