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Need a link

About a week ago i reformatted my computer while at the same time losing all my links to good stuff from this and other sites that i’ve come across. Most of them have been easy enough to find but one of them I’ve had no luck with, and i’m hoping one of you has it.

If i remember correctly it was some part of BYU’s website. It had a WHOLE lot of descriptions on how to do a ton of different exercises and, more importantly, movies showing you how to do them. I would really like to find this one as I am trying to get down good form for my clean/snatches.

If you know of the website i am talking about i’d REALLY appreciate it if you’d link me.

Thanks in advance

I think you may be looking for BSU’s (Ball State University) website.


You might be thinking of the BSU website, Ball State University. They have a website like you are describing. The URL is: