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Need a leg WO review...

Seeings as I’m crippled, I can’t do any lifting save bodyweight only isometrics. This is my split that I’m thinking of, done 2x a week each.

Split squats-3x10-12
Iso one legged squats-3x10-15
Leg extensions 2-4x5-8
Leg hold on wall 5x20 seconds
Short bench partial squats:20 then 10 sec hold to failure

Hip ab/adduction 1x10 1 1/3s
Hamstring curls-3x10, 1 1/3s
King Deads 2xfailure
Standing one-legged toe touch-2xfailure
Lunges- 1x failure

If someone could help me out on tempo, that would be great.