Need a Laugh?

I kind of feel sorry for her. some people just have absolutely zero knowledge about cars.

My friend’s ex-girlfriend once asked a car dealership mechanic if they could add 2 cylinders to her car because it was too slow.

I need some blinker fluid, but the dealer said they ran out!

get this…My buddy’s car wouldn’t start one day so he put 9, NINE! quarts of oil in it thinking that would help.

Convinced a girl in college once that when she took her car in to get the oil changed, she also needed to ask them to CHANGE the air in the tires every 10,000 miles.

Also had a friend who couldn’t get his truck to start, was about to call the dealership, its a new truck mind you, and then he realized that on an automatic transmission, you had to start it in park. He had only ever driven standards his entire life.

This is the funniest thread EV4R!