Need a Killer Ab workout

I dont go to a gym to workout, and I need to find a killer ab workout, without using machines.

“I dont go to a gym to workout, and I need to find a killer ab workout, without using machines.”

??? I’m assuming first that you don’t have weights or machines at home either. If this is the case then you’ll need to give the site a quick read over before asking more advice.

First, if you want abs you’re going to have to search out all the articles by John Berardi. As you’ll note, these articles are not about exercises, but about nutrition. This must be #1 on your agenda or you will NEVER see those unless you’re one of those guys we all hate who have them all the time.

Once you’ve completed your homework assignment you can move to the next phase.


You are correct that you don’t need machines to build abs, but you do need to exercise. By lifting free weights the increased amount of muscle on your body will burn more fat exposing your 6 pack. In combination with cardio and a solid diet your abs will be shining through in no time.

There are a couple dozen ab programs at t-mag, just check the previous issues section. You could just make your own program based on those exercises that don’t require a machine. Most don’t.

Here is a great AB program by CT.

there are many more that can be found by searching AB.

But… Remember… Ab’s are about your BF% being in the single digits. So you must have your diet in order to get a six pack.

sorry i forgot to mention that I workout at home regularly, and i use free weights + leg extention machine + lat pull machine.

I still didn’t hear anything about your nutrition.


What are your spcific goals regarding your ab development? Is it to lift more weight? Cut up?

Your goals will determine your routine.

Let’s just say it was to cut up, theoretically, b/c I want an ab routine I can do AT HOME (even though I lift in a gym, I like the convenience of doing abs at home).

Reccomendations? Abs for Athletes and Babehounds requires a gym, Awesome Abs has me doing them 4x a week (I don’t love abs that much!) Reccomendations?