Need A Healthy Snack

Protein bar: Metabolic Drive
(It’s even sold on this site!).

Energy drinks don’t contain enough calories. Make your own shakes!

I’m highly considering Metabolic Drive, I hear only good things about it. However, I can’t buy it at my local GNC, which is pretty much the only lifting supplement supplier around here. I may just buy it off T-Nation, tho. Even though that means I have to wait for it to show up…

And I eat oatmeal and fruit every day. Please read the entire thread before you post again.

GNC sucks donkey dick.

Buy your supplements from T-Nation. Spend $150 so you can get free shipping and have enough to hold you over for a couple months at a time. Buy the food supplements: Metabolic Drive (Low Carb or Complete), Surge and Metabolic Drive bars. It’s all you need!

It’s shipped FedEx and tends to get to your door in 2-4 days.

Chances are, you could probably do alright over indulging on almonds every now and then. From the diet you posted, it looks like you are eating under 2000 calories a day. Happy with your current size? Better get comfortable with being smaller, because you will have a hard time keeping mass on eating like that for any extended amount of time.

Contrary to what you think, you ARE undereating. You want to progress? What do you mean by that? You want to get bigger or stronger or what? Thats not going to happen with the way you are eating right now. Chances are, if you are a student, you are also doing a great deal more walking than you did when you were in high school.

I’ll admit that I should eat more, but I’m not going to shrink. And my size is fine, I’m in the top 10% if not 5% of people in there. I ate hearty and lifted strong in high school, so I’m pretty good amongst the others in my weight room.

And I’m not under 2000 a day, I did the math, the tuna here is slapped up with mayo, and I eat 4 sandwiches a day of it, plus veggie burgers when they’re out (usually lunch). It’s no Mr Olympia diet, no no, but it’s good enough for 18-yr-old me. I’ll eat more from now on, tho, just need to make a trip to the store. Thanks.


thanks nate, T-Nation saves me about $20. not a million, but at least I know this stuff works, plus it’s $20 that I get to keep on top. Only one problem: I don’t know about using my debit card on this. Could lead me down a slippery slope. I’ll think on it.

[quote]Eppert wrote:
I’m about to kick someone in the nuts. Some of you people are reading into this WAY too much. My diet is fine. I’m not “spiking” my blood glucose levels, I’m not starving myself, I’m not overeating, I’m not freakin diabetic.

What I am, however, is pissed off. I’m getting sick of this, I just want a recommended energy bar or energy drink to replace my fruits when I get sick of them, which I think I will if I have to eat 4/5 a day.


Something that doesn’t make me cringe when I take it, but isn’t horrible for my body, and isn’t loaded with just caffeine, like Mt Dew. I want it to have protein, but the main idea is energy.

So stop anazlyzing this, and just READ WHAT I’M SAYING. I know that by now I sound like a cranky old man, but this shouldn’t be taking as much time as it is.[/quote]

Then stop whining like a little bitch…! If you can’t even pick out a snack on your own, wtf will you do when faced with major challenges in life…

You are the one who said that you were experiencing FAST/EXTREME fatigue. This is a sign that something is wrong with your diet and/or how your body handles/processes food/sugars.

AGAIN, CARBOHYDRATES ARE SUGARS, and you are getting plenty of them, so you should not be experiencing the kind of fatigue you described. You need to manage your blood glucose to avoid extreme highs and lows, NOT SPIKE IT by ingesting simple sugars.


p.s. If you live in or near Delaware, PM me and I will give you my address, so that you can kick ME in the nuts.

Damn James! If I lived near you, I’d take the opportunity to kick you in the nuts! LOL! :wink:

give me a break. I wouldn’t be making up shit for people I don’t even know, who don’t even care. noone on this site’s going to say “aw, you poor thing, let me drive over there and personally help you out.”

And I wasn’t saying that I was going to kick you in the balls, I was just getting mad at the fact that I asked for some sort of energy booster at least 3 times and noone even said a word about it. I started this thread, so should my question be the one answered?

And I can handle problems, it’s just that right now I’m not in a flipping nutritional store, and I respect the opinions of those who are bigger faster stronger than I am, so why not ask them?

And I know you just looked at what I said and thought “maybe he’s diabetic. I should let him know, for his own sake” but I’m not, and that was just the straw that broke the camel’s back. don’t freak out on me cuz I wasn’t getting my questions answered. And I’m not going to spike my blood glucose with simple sugars, that’s why from the beginning I was asking for healthy energy foods.

And enough about the carbs, I understand now. But we’ve figured out my problem is I’m not eating enough. Body can’t work without fuel, right?

But in your rant you made a good point, but we already went over how my diet is my problem. Thanks anyways, tho.

as a famous kid once said “cool your jets, man.”

And in case you didn’t notice, you’re the ONLY one who flipped out because of what I said. Maybe it’s because I used some of what you said to express my frustration, but you still took it way too personally. Ease up, man, it’s an online forum.

people gave you plenty of answers just not the one you were looking for. Energy bars work just fine but a lot of them are loaded with shit that isnt good for you.

I’m going to end this thread, somehow I got this feeling it’s just going to get personal and people are going to be stupid, myself included.

isn’t there something called Spike sold here for energy?