Need a Hand. Made a Bodyfat Calculator App

Hey guys

I just came out with a Body Fat Calculator for the iPhone and iPod touch. Its the first one that actually takes measurements from calipers (yes you NEED calipers) and can perform the 7 (or 3) site calculation.

If any of you guys are personal trainers or serious lifters who track body fat percentage and think it would be useful then please pick it up in the App store for .99 and leave a good review.

If you think you know of anyone or frequent any forums where you think it could be useful then please let them know.

You can find it in the App Store by searching for Bodyfat % Calculator and its by PP&D LLC

As you guys can see I’ve been on this site for quite a while and I’m a real person, not some info marketer trying to make a quick buck selling crap. I’m just a personal trainer who thought that something like this could be useful so quite a few months later after a bunch of time in front of a computer I have this to show for it.

Thanks for reading this and thanks even more if you buy it and leave a good review!


I’ll just keep using my shoe, but thanks!


I should have put in the app description “As accurate as two pairs of high-top shoes!”

Sounds good…

But why would someone need this on the go? I have a bberry, but I assume most apps are for things that are useful on the go, or for easy access…

Im guessing/hope it stores it? Could you integrate it to a calender or have a graphing function so ppl can watch their bf go (hopefully) down?


ill bite, its only 99c

As a trainer and super busy guy I always have my iPhone on me, for my emails, my schedule (changes so damn much with clients!), internet, phone, etc so its also there when I’m assessing new clients. So its not as though you would need to be out to dinner and show off to your friends to calculate your bodyfat (I mean, you could do that with a shoe …) but figuring out a bodyfat calculation anywhere, but on a computer is a pain in the butt.

As far as the functionality I want to build in profiles and graphing in the future, but as of right now it just does the calculations. I’m no programmer and those guys charge a lot of money! :frowning:

[quote]PaddyM wrote:
I’ll just keep using my shoe, but thanks![/quote]