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Need A Half Rack In The UK


Hi there!

I live in the UK and I've been looking for a squat/half rack for a few weeks, with little sucess. I've been lifting a few years now, and I've just moved house and set up gym in my basement. Its an ok space, with some limitations...

I used to train with a good spotter who was an experienced lifter, but I've now got used to training alone and must say I like it a lot. I can really get stuck in and focus with nobody to talk to.

Without a spotter though, its getting dangerous doing max effort benching and squatting with no safety supports or spot. So, I need a squat/half rack to enable me to train alone safely...

It needs to cost about ?250, I can't afford to spend much more. I know thats not much, but i saw the below rack from powerTec for that price...its been discontinued though!

It also cannot be higher than 6' as the ceiling is 6'1"!

If anyone lives in the uk and can give me any pointers or advice for stores etc... please post or personal message me!

Thanks for any help


Contact Pullum Sports in Luton and ask them about their Safety Squat Rack (which is basically a half rack). It works superbly, its not too expensive and its virtual indestructable.


I got a well good full power rack for 200 quid, but then I read no higher then 6'1" ! I'd bang my head standing up straight.


wwhere'd you get the power rack fella, i'm after one


Try ukfitnesssupplies.co.uk
body solid do a decent range of both full and half power racks at your price range.



The reason I went with them and not UK fitness supplies was that this place had it in stock and I didnt have to wait 6 weeks+ but only 5 days.


Yeah one annoying thing is that they stopped selling the Body-Solid lat attachement which works with plates. It is half the price of the crap ones they have now and all you needed was some olympic weights.

This one is a nice one:


a bit more expensive but it has the nice dip bars with it and it does have a plate loaded lat attachment, which.. still costs twice as much as the body-solid one!!! AAHH!!


Hi Guys
The pullum stuff is good quality but if you want fairly decent cheap stuff have a look at www.aerobic-fitness.co.uk.

I got a powertec rack from them for the gym I work at for only ?289 and it's better than the bodysolid rack I have in my home gym.

I haven't checked their shop but they'll probably do a half rack as well.

Good Luck