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Need A Good Workout

Hey, I have been powerlifting for about three years now in High School, and am now a Senior. This is my last chance to go to state, as I missed it by 10 lbs my sophomore year and did worse last year. My head powerlifting coach recently took a job somewhere else, so I am pretty much left in the dark on what to lift. I was just wondering if anyone could post me a workout to get all my lifts up.

I am currently in second place by 75 lbs. I squat 420, bench 275, and deadlift 510 in the 198 lb class. Any help is appreciated… Thanks.

What have you been doing.

How long do you have??

Id suggest reading any and everything By Dave Tate on the site peridization bible, eight keys etc etc. and get a basic knowledge of Westside principles and then ask any and all questions you have


Thanks for the reply.

Currently I have been doing things like 10 sets of 2 on squat and 4, 3, 2 on bench press. I have been reading up on the Westside program, but don’t understand it that well. There isn’t much method to the madness in my workout right now :-/. But I will keep reading and maybe I’ll figure it out. Thanks again.

Westside for skinny bastards is a good one. I would also recommend the Beginner’s training manual from Elitefts, it is not that expensive and it lays everything out for you. Another option is just a standard peaking routine.