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Need a Good Trap Bar

I’m looking for a good, yet affordable trap/shrug bar. Anyone find a company or website that sells a good one?

i just bought 3 Mega Hex Bars from BFS. In general, I hate BFS and all of their crappy products, but these aren’t bad. The Mega Hex gives you a thicker handle than the standard and it is very comfortable to hold.

i think by the time it got here it probably cost me 200-250 per bar.

The one thing I don’t love about it is that when you flip it over to use the low handle (which is the only handle you should use unless you are 6’4" or over), the raised handle can get in the way of your foot placement a little.

Overall, I like them though.

I bought mine from http://www.fractionalplates.com

I don’t know about prices now, but they were the best deal for me at the time (5 yrs ago)


Yeah. I saw the ones at fractional plates, the custom build ones are cool. I want to find one without the raised handle as I could tell it would interfere with foor placement.

The one I got from fractionalplates.com doesn’t have raised handles.