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Need a Good Program

I need a good program to help build some big muscles fast…based on what I have to work with…

  1. Your age

  2. Your height and weight
    I’m 6’1 and a half and 153 pounds. I’m pretty skinny and no matter how i eat i cant gain weight… trying my best to put on weigh in muscles!

  3. Your Body fat % (if possible, dont just guess if you dont know)
    8% body fat

  4. How long you have been training (seriously!)
    I have been working out for a month 2 times a week but have been training as a fighter (Krav Maga and BJJ) for a while.

  5. Your goals (Lose weight, gain weight, improve weak points etc etc)
    My goal is to gain as much weight as possible in muscle!

  6. A breakdown of your current routine (Including split, exercises, sets and reps)
    Please excuse my lack of knowledge on building terms, im totally new to it all!
    But right now I’m doing the bench press 3x12 (always do 45 secs inbetween sets) , military press 3x12 , quad extenstions 3x15+ , barbell curls 3x 12, and crunches (on a slanted bench) 3x 35 (last 15 i turn my body right / left when i go up) … and I do all these workouts on the same day twice a week

  7. How long you have been on this same routine
    about a month

  8. Have you made gains on this routine, and if so in what way (Heavier weights / mass)
    I have gained about 5-10 pounds

  9. What is your diet like
    To be honest I have a shitty diet, I eat whatever I want, because I have NO time to cook so I eat quick stuff at home or eat out (sometimes fast food). But i gain absolutely no weight from it so I dont know if its bad or good

  10. Have / are you taking any supplements and/or anabolic agents (optional)
    I am taking 100% Whey protein , BSN Nitrix , and BSN No-Xplode (PLEASE tell me if this is good… just started and I dont know if its all worth it to take all 3!)

My main concerns are is I need a good program that I can do on my gym at home (cant afford a gym membership). I have a community gym thats like a universal all in one gym with 5 sides, a bench press side, a tilted abs bench, a side for quads/hamstrings , a side for bicep curls and triceps, and something else for your pecs I dont know the name of… I’m looking to work out 2-3 times a week! Please help!!

I am relatively new to serious training and eating so I am not going to give any advice except for use the ‘search’ button on this site. I can promise that you will find everything that you need.

Try ABBH by Chad Waterbury and search through the diet programs for gaining mass.