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Need a Good Bulking Program

Height: 4’11.5
Weight: 95 lb (6 weeks out from contest) Stage weight will probably be 90 lb. Regular off season weight is 108. My body likes to stay at 100 lb so it’s hard for me to gain.

So I’ve been lifting for a few years now mostly powerlifting, so my quads are HUGE (20 inch) and they make everything else look small. Also, I’m weak in the upper body (esp chest) so didn’t train it as intensely as everything else while bulking and now I’m stuck with a disproportionate body. My arms are 10 inches :frowning:

I’m looking for a program to follow for my next bulking season starting in Oct. I would like to add more mass everywhere but especially shoulders, arms and calves. I’ve come across a lot of programs and just not sure where to start. My body likes to gain muscle in my quads so I’m thinking of just not working quads for a few weeks till my upper body catches up.

I’m hoping to bulk for atleast 6-8 months (depending on when provincials are next year) and add around 1.5 lb per month. I want to be 98-100 lb on stage next year. I’ll be pretty lean when I start my bulk so I’m not sure how to train right after competing. For calories I’ll be reverse dieting. My macros are always 120 p, 50-60 f and the rest is carbs. Calories slowly go up to 2500-2800 when I bulk.

If any of you can help, that would be great!!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
Thank you!

There aren’t many figure competitors on this site. I think that’s why you aren’t getting any responses to your question. This forum, Powerful Women, is small and is mostly comprised of women who are into power lifting.

You might want to go to the Figure Athlete section and ask Bron or Dani directly. Or you might get some response to your question in the Body Building forum. Some of the men there compete, and have trained women.

Best of luck!

looks like your on the right path