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Need a Doc to Go with Gel/Cream Instead of Injections

Hi All. I found a local doctor who was willing to get me on TRT - but he won’t agree to do cream/gel because he is concerned I’ll get it on my wife/kid. Despite the fact that I’ve been using an “off market” gel for almost 2 months without getting any on my wife/kid…I’m super careful.

With that in mind - does anyone know of a private doc/health clinic that is open to gels/creams? I think Defy medical may be one?

I’m getting excellent results with the cream, no reason to change this up. Blood work proves my #s are perfect…so I’d prefer to stay with what has worked.

Is he against a scrotal cream?

Yes, he keeps telling me he’s not a fan of any cream/gel since I have a wife and kid. Ridiculous as I put it on at 5AM, no one is awake for 3 hours…plus I’m beyond careful in application, clean up, storage etc - not possible for any to get on them.

Defy does prescribe testosterone cream you applied to the scrotum once or twice daily, it has 8x times more absorption than other tropicals.

This is the first doctor I’ve ever heard of not liking tropical testosterone. I have heard of men transferring it to their partners several hours later improving the women’s libido as well.

I agree with you all the way. I’m living proof that the gel I’m using has given excellent results - test coming in at the mid/high range, E under control with no A/I, free test is high…everything is good but above it all I feel 10 X better than I did for the past few years. I’m really doing my best to get this doctor to “see the light” but it looks like I may have to look into an alternative such as Defy.

I can also just keep buying this “black label” T Gel…it’s working. But I’d obviously prefer pharma gel/cream to make sure everything is as consistent as it can be.

I suppose I should reach out to Defy then.

Get a new doc then. You don’t have to use this guy. Find someone who will work with you.

Call dr Keith nichols if you want scrotul cream and awesome guidance. I use the doc and have nothing but great words.

With injections my wife said I was passing T to her. On the cream no complaints or comments.

She thought you were transferring injectable T to her?

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That wasn’t T you were passing to her………….

But, how was she feeling? My wife uses testosterone cream.

I started on gel with my 1st Dr and after like a week called asking to be switched due to the wife being concerned and furthur research on my part. Even though he wanted me to use injections in the first place he wanted me to wait the rest of the month to switch. I think it was just because its controlled and he didnt want to write a 2nd script that month but he also basically said that “theoretically that could possibly happen” but that there was basically no chance of it transfering to the wife or kids. I know i have ready case studies or whatever they would be called about actual occurrences that it has happened and the womab getting blood tests throughout before and after they realized what was happening and where her symptoms were coming from. I believe the subject ended to having to discontinue topicals because they couldnt stop transfer even when taking all the precautions with a knowledge of what was happening.

The next day she was saying I somehow must have because she was rediculously horny for the next two days.

Yah I don’t know how.

My doc was just the opposite, strongly recommending gel due to the more consistent blood concentration levels when compared to injections. I’m a little concerned about the whole transfer issue. I don’t have kids at home anymore but I’d rather my wife not have a beard and mustache. I put the gel on right after I shower in the morning, let it dry, get dressed and then I’m off to work. I don’t even see my wife until about 9 hours later much less touch her. In fact the application area is covered by my shirt until I go to bed and that’s some 15+ hours after application. I have no idea what the chances are of transferring any significant amount at that point but I wouldn’t think it’s much.