Need a Diet Plan?

Hi Guys

I am a really big fan for this site and check all the time for new articles :slight_smile:

I recently just came off the velocity diet where i lost 8Kgs (17pounds)
I would just like to know what everyone thinks i should start eating, would it be a good idea to stick with 2 shakes a day insted of mid meals for a week or two too help my body adjust to the extra carbs?

Also, I have been doing alot of cardio work… like 2 sessions a day 20min in the morning b4 work and 40min in the evening b4 dinner 5-6times a week!

I have heard from some people that i may be doing too much cardio.

i am trying to loose more weight and get lean.

Please help.


I started a thread a couple of days ago asking about transitioning off low carb diets but nobody has really chimed in yet.

Regardless my feeling is yes, keep carbs to say fruits and stuff initially and slowly add more starchy/processed sources back in over a period of weeks - dont just dive headfirst into a pizza or bowl of pasta.

Or you could just stay low-carbing it/switch to T-Dawg 2.0 or the AD.

That’s great, Knight. If you’re trying to lose more weight, I don’t think you are doing too much cardio.

are you doing resistance exercise too?

stop losing weight and start losing fat instead.

Yeah 3 Times a week i do weight training! I want to loose more fat.

say “lose” not “loose”

Look up T-dawg 2.0. It’s good, not hard to stick to (IMO).

I think that’s too much cardio, but i think regular ol’ cardio is boring.

Are you healthy? Try running some sprints. Find a 50yd hill and sprint up it, then walk down and rest for a second. Then do that 5-10 more times. Or if you don’t have a hill do it on flat ground.

Post what you are eating now and we can help more.