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Need a decent circuit training routine

Still rehabbing a broken arm, so I’m looking for a routine that’s circuit based as opposed to higher/near maximal lifts. I checked out meltdown, but I can’t do a lot of the presses or deadlift, and dips would probably rebreak my arm. I just finished Cosgrove’s Meltdown routine, was wondering if anyone else had any good circuit training things that were dumbell based, or at least not requiring anywhere near maximal lift. Any suggestions?


You’re right, with a broken arm you can’t do much.
I had a split tendon in my wrist and had to wear a brace for a month, which meant no upperbody work since I couldn’t grip anything with my arm.
Therefore I did legs 2x3 times a week and by the time my arm healed, I was ready to go and didn’t notice any change in my overall size, if anything I might have gained a little. Training legs heavy is the way to go until you can do the other stuff.
Don’t put yourself at risk and try to do something you’re not capable of yet too early. It will just take that much longer for your arm to heal if you try to work through the injury, instead of letting it take its natural healing course.