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Need a Deadlift Routine


I need a solid DL routine to amp up my lagging DL. It's my weak point at the moment and am willing to heavily focus on it and neglect other lifts. Tried the Coan/Philippi routine but gassed out about half way through. My main sport is strongman, any recommendations?


i have found my deadlift improve the fastest when using 5/3/1. start with deadlift as the main, then 5x10 ramped of goodmornings (for posterior chain) and zercher squats (quads, abs and traps) plus shrugs if you feel lacking in that area


Week 1: As assistance work (I like this on dynamic day) find a 6 rep max on RDL's. Do not do a heavy deadlift from the floor this week. Just a heavy squat one day, then speed work for the squat and DL the next (followed by the 6rm on RDL's.)

Week 2: On whatever your heavy day is, pick a deadlift variation (Reverse Bands are the best for me) and find a 1rm. After a good warm-up go 90%-92% for 1, 95%-97% for 1, then 101%+ for 1. Then do whatever assitance work you need, probably something for lower back, hamstrings, and abs. Still do speed work on the second day

Week 3: No heavy deadlifts this week but do something that mimics the movement on heavy day. Low Box Squats, Front Squats, Good Mornings and any of its 50 million variations. find a 3-5 rep max on one of these lifts. Still do speed work just increase the weight and decrease the sets, but keep the bar fast.

Week 4: Just assistance work on heavy day and speed day is cut down to 50% for 5 sets of 2 on squats and deads.

Repeat and beat your weights the next cycle. If you dont like RDL's, do straight legs. If you dont do speed work, start.

A format like this one got me out of the low 700's and into the 800lb club pretty quickly.


Pulling against bands is great too. Really makes you pull hard. Better than pulling vs. chains IMO.


My deadlift improved the most drastically when I was doing a strict Westside program. ME Lower one week would be rack pulls, DE Lower that week would be 10x1 @ 50%, the next ME Lower would be pulling from a deficit, then DE Lower as before. Keep alternating and increasing the weight each week.


Deadlift no more than once per week, consider twice every three weeks.


Thanks for the advice fellas, gonna bust those routines out!