Need a Deadlift Form Check. (Video From Front)

Hi guys, this is a video of my Deadlift( 145lbs). Here I tried pulling the slack out of the bar, trying to make torque in my hips by pushing my knees out towards my forearms, and I tried getting a neutral position with my head.

I wasn’t although full out to finish the lockout at the top and I believe I could have descended slower.

If you could give me any tips please do.

-Didn’t really brace core too well here.
-Noticed my legs collapsed in at the top.
-I hyperextended my back?

I think your stance width and your grip can come in quite a bit. You seem to start with your hips pretty low but it’s always going to be hard to tell from the front.

You have long legs relative to your body, you’d probably benefit from Sumo which will bring your hips closer to the bar and take some load off your back.

Move your stance in so your feet sit under your hip sockets with your feet pointing slightly out. Grip the bar just outside your shins.

Don’t start with your hips so low. You want your shins vertical at all times. For me, the best way to acheive this is dropping to the bar by pushing my butt back instead of bending over to grip it.

Don’t spend so long at the bar before pulling. You want to minimise the time between gripping and pulling, even if you’re pulling slack ouf of the bar.

Don’t worry about descent speed at all - a long as you maintain control of the bar as it comes down you’re fine.

My humble submission illustrating all bar the first point: