Need a Daily Diet Plan for Girlfriend

hi people,

my girlfriend has join the gym a few weeks ago to get fit and lose some fat around her stumach and is doin really well, shes goes to the gym 2/3 times a week plus swimming 2/3 times a week as well, her problems are that she doesnt know what to eat and when to eat it, ive tryed to give her a few tips but i dont think my diet plan will go right with hers unless she doesnt eat as many calories as what i do?,

she says when she trys and eats healthy she gets tired and feels bad. plus she say’s whan its her favourite time of the month she doesnt care what she eats and eats anythink in sight even tho it will ruin all her had work in the gym any advise on this for me.


Congratulations, your girlfriend is a normal girl!

It takes a lot of hardwork and dedication to get beyond those cravings once a month. And maybe she needs more clean carbohydrates in her diet if she is getting tired all the time. Or maybe just more SLEEP, which is SOO important.

And yes, generally us women do better when consuming fewer calories than our male counterparts.

If she wants to get it all down pat, then maybe she should put some posts up here on this forum.

Also, have her start a food log at It is free, and having a log totally helps all people stay more motivated to stick with the proper nutrition. It has been proven in studies.