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Need a Critique of New Workout

Really committed to getting back in shape, trying to build as much mass as possible, currently just taking a multi, 5-10g creatine mono, and a 900cal 70g protein weightgainer mix daily, heres the routine.




Barbell Curls

Seated Skull Crushers

Lat Pulldowns



Curl Bar Curls

Barbell Rows


Dumbell Press



Milatary Press



4 sets 6 reps with a 2 minute rest of most sets, 3 minutes on heavy compound lifts.

Hmm, lil bump i suppose, good bad, yay nay, any changes?

In your program there are many arguable aspects: order of exercises (lat after arms…), frequency (bench three times a week), exercise selection… I’d warmly advise you to read these articles:


Supplements don’t substitute a good overall diet:

Glad to see your committement; go on like that!

Oh no, i dont do them in the order posted. I understand that hitting my triceps and then doing bench is retarded, appreciate the input though, i usually start with squats because that is my favorite lift to pump me up and get me in the right state of mind, and then play out from there, but i never do the same muscle group directly or indirectly back to back between exercises.

As far as the bench goes, should i be hitting it less? my chest has always been, even when i was 30 pounds heavier and in good shape, the part of my body that i had the hardest time building real mass on, so im kind of at a loss as to how much or how little i should be directly working the chest.

If you like squatting, according to your numbers (how much you lift), you may try Starting Strength, Madcow beginner or intermediate, Stronglifts 5x5…

For your chest: do you get a good pump or DOMS on your pecs because of BP?
Although neither are directly related to muscle growth, they’re both a sign that a muscle is working; you may be a triceps/shoulder dominant bench presser, hence your lagging pecs.
KEEP your upper back TIGHT (scapulae back and down) and pop your chest out when bench pressing.
I’d rather use three different exercises (BP, dips and incline/decline BP), in three different days, to bring it up.

Hope it helped.

Ps: for long-term shoulder health, row AT LEAST as much as you bench press (more is better!)

Try doing some dips instead of BP on some workouts. My chest seems to respond better to them, esp lower pecs. I’m not saying to abandon the bench but add in something else. If your pecs are laggin than doing just bench press is not the answer. I like that your doing all compound lifts. i train very much the same. Good luck